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The Einherjar Project, and a new project!
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Left to right: (Top Row smile Coriander Avenue, Chelsea Machine, Matthew Kae (Bottom Row smile Grim Alice, Rita Skyies, Luciano Chevalier

------I'm not sure if I made a journal entry on the Einherjar Project yet, despite the fact that I started on it on 2010-2011 I think. Its been an old project, but the reason I'm writing about it is because, I might start a new project. The Return to Self Project.

------Here's a brief explanation of the Einherjar Project. In 2010 - 2011, I was planning to leave gaia, but I did just didn't wanna die and fade to the dust with no-one to remember me by. So I started the project, to build those six avatars and place them on my mules; with a 2million budget on each of them. I personally designed the avies myself as you can see in my collection (Click here!) how many prototypes of the avies I saved and such, using the Items that were available at that time. I also wanted to them to have their each colors and classes, as you can see: Knight, Mage, Paladin, Hunter, Ranger, Assassin. They're real accounts too by the way, you can see them in my profile in the bottom. My main account, which is this one would carry the color scheme or yellow or orange. Obtaining the funds from a plethora of places such as: various donations, zOMG and my art shop. Once I completed the project, I'd tour them in rally and in towns for a while then. I would disappear from gaia, with the Einherjar Project as my big explosion of goodbye.

Unfortunately, It wasn't as planned... I'm still here, which is a good thing, I think...

------The reason why I returned is because of this journal, there's so many entries on it about 100+ but that's a different story. Anyways the new project is called The Return To Self Project. Its exactly what it sounds like, to return all the items to here in my main account. The reason is because, I built these avies from questing and hard work and such, and I never really used the full potential of the items. For example, Grim Alice has a shadowlegend, which I never used but the scarf option on him. I wanna use all these items that I accumulated and use them together, like Chelsea's Seracilla Pendant with Rita's Gogh Reed. I wanna return them all to Ani, so that my creativity can expand and new avi's to create and such, since i'm staying here for the mean time. When I decide to leave again, I shall return them back to the Einherjars'.

------Just in case you didn't know what Einherjar means, it's Norse Mythology of warriors who died in battle, and are bought to Valhalla by Valkyries to fight the epic battle of Ragnarok. I depicted my main account, Anikacy as a Valkyrie while my mules are my Einherjars. Anyways I just wanted to make an Entry about that. I'm not sure when I'll initiate the new project, Its probably going to be soon.

This Anikacy! signing out.

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Community Member

Tue Oct 29, 2013 @ 11:31pm

no matter i still wouldnt want you to leave ani all my frends leave or stop talking to me i wish that even if you compeat this that you dont leave

Community Member

Wed Oct 30, 2013 @ 12:01am

I won't leave, thanks for the support though. When I do I will initiate the Einherjar Project again

User Comments: [2]
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