Places. No I'm not talking about the places you go, but the place you are in a relationship. Every girl always wants to be first, because they feel as if they are put lower, there's always someone better then them. Even the same goes for guys. Nobody wants to feel like they're not good enough for someone.. In my case, I'm to good for him. I've done nothing but give my best and nothing less, even when I'm sick in bed, I've made effort to make sure his day is going good. Tonight, it's ending. I'm tired of being put last, I guess what really set it off is when he said music is always first no matter what. It broke my heart to say the least. It's not like I said "GIVE UP YO STINKIN' MUSIC" I asked to feel like I matter more then your broken guitar. I shouldn't have to fight for a place, especially with a guitar! for god sakes, they can't love you like I could, but now you say you want me, you don't want to give up, please let's forget about this. No babe, I'm giving up, I'm done chasing for you, I'm not being put last anymore. You didn't realize what you had at the beginning, now it's the end, and I'm to far gone, don't worry, I'm not coming back either. Goodbye. heart