Hello everyone I hope you’re doing really good I know I am ^_^
This little blog is just to update on everything, or at least everything I can think of lol
A little note before I start… My life is all over the place at the moment and I am sorry if I don’t message you every day or take a call from you…I try my best to be there for everyone but one cannot always be around and available and if this annoys you then deleting me after you say goodbye would be best. I wish I could be there for everyone but I am only one guy and even I have problems and a life to deal with.
Well now let’s get started shall we, I have a rustled banana’s to share…
I am starting to really hate weak willed people, take this for instance. “I just cannot take how you are” what the flying monkey balls, well then tell me you cannot handle me don’t just vanish like I don’t exist at all. So by that I meant people that just delete without so much as a work so when you go to talk to them you find out there didn’t want you as a friend… it’s irritating and stupidly childish. AND I really despise people that leave and never tell you why like it’s the hardest dam thing in the world to do, to take a few moments to write down a few words to say why…. Or even a simply one like “hey I’m deleting you have a good one” I would love that at least I know and its final, but NO nothing as nice as that just an open question as to what I did wrong. Well I’m sorry I was not good enough for you how about you go shove a banana where the sun don’t shine ^_^
Hmmmm I think tha…. Now that’s not it there is more but hey the human race isn’t going to listen to me hehe so I will leave that stuff for another time.
Ok my life well dam I don’t know I am trying to save up to go visit my girlfriend in Canada but saving moneys is hard lol… but I’m not going to give up ^_^ and my writing is slow but I am doing some interesting things so when they finish you will love it ^_^
I think that’s about it for now… but who knows with me I’m sure something will come up and get my jimmies rustled lol but until then you all be good monsters or the big bad wolf will get you wink