Icey's Forever Art Request {Chibi Styles} heart

Hey there all and welcome to my art request.
heart About me heart

Well in case any one gives a flip, I'm IcetheRockstar Most people call me Ice (or Icey if they loves me wink ). I'm 19 and iAm currently a Student at IADT Chicago. My major is Video & Animation and iAm in my 3rd Term. iHave a Deviant Art where iUpload some of my class projects and other things I'm working on. ---> Here <---.

Q & A
What is this? ---> Basically, iLove receiving art and this is a gallery of Avi's that iWould love to have drawn.
How much are you paying? ----> That part is entirely up to you! iLyke freebies but if you would lyke payment for art please fill out the form below and wait for my okay. If I'm paying for it iMight have extra details ect.
What types of payment dew you give? ---> Currently iAm making art payments in Gaia Gold, Gaia Cash, Gaia Items, IRL items (via Amazon wishlist), Paypal & Deviant Art Points. heart
How dew you lyke your art? ---->It doesn't really matter how surprise me! heart iAccept all forms of art.

1. Please sign your art!- iWant to world to know who you are and what you're capable of smile heart
2. No Trolling! - Dew not agree to dew art for me and then never dew it -_-* If you start it and should decide not to continue iWould lyke notice of this and the WIP that you have already
3. No Rushing! - Don't give me rush art because you want fast cash. Please take your time and put your all into your work.
4. No Assuming! - Dew not draw a picture for me and then demand payment. If iNever Okay'd you to draw the art for payment maybe iCan't afford it or iJust didnt lyke the art in ur shop/ sample. iWill not use or Accept your art and iWill not pay for it!

iWant to draw: [#]
Hentai/Couple/ Ecchi?:
Example Art/DA/Art Shop:
Gold/Gaia Cash/DA Points/PayPal/Amazon:
My Price/Freebie:

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Completed Works

Chibi 1
Chibi 2
Chibi 3 (1)
Chibi 3 by Kinder Senpai

Chibi 4
Chibi 5 (1)
Chibi 5 by Kinder Senpai

Chibi 6
Chibi 7
Chibi 8
Chibi 9
Chibi 10
Chibi 11
Chibi 12
Chibi 13
Chibi 14
Chibi 15
Chibi 16 (1)
Chibi 16 by Berry Rice

Chibi 17
Chibi 18
Chibi 19
Chibi 20
Chibi 21
Chibi 22
Chibi 23
Chibi 24
Chibi 25
Chibi 26
Chibi 27
Chibi 28
Chibi 29
Chibi 30
Chibi 31
Chibi 32
Chibi 33
Chibi 34
Chibi 35
Chibi 36