[Here are my kinks/limits]

Koi Dinal
Age: 23
Race: Human
Personality: Rebellious, playful, unserious, joking, dignified, slightly naive and occasionally clumsy with bad timing and often bad luck, though the skills to get herself out of such situations. Most of the time. Bounty hunter and monster hunter generally, or explorer/traveler/modern day someone.

Sairan Bird
Age: 18
Race: Human [most of the time]
Personality: Quiet, shy but quick, not quite aware of the dangers of the world. Sheltered, adorable but deadly with a rapier if pushed, naive and very trusting, known for landing herself into trouble by pure kindness. Noble blood line, and honorable.

Sunny L.
Age: 19-21
Race: Jackalope
Personality: Sly, lying and witty, joking, a thief all around. Friendly at times to friends, but willing to fake, pretend, lie and cheat to get her money. Often plays of as a male to avoid receiving 'bad' punishments when caught. Stubborn.

Android #06, or Six
Age: --
Race: Robot/Android
Personality: Kind, eager to please and serve, curious, willing though if programmed, can really be anything else her owner wishes her to be. Has a strange stubborn and mischievious streak that re-writes cannot write out of her progam

Age: 19
Race: Neko
Personality: Much like Sairen, she is shy. Quiet. Afraid of people and contact, feisty when pushed. Very nervous, hard to befriend and tame but if done so right, loyal to the end. She is not naive and clumsy, but very aware, heightened senses. Hard to control, but sweet and kind to those in the same position as her, or to children.

Age: 23
Race: Half human, half [whatever I need at the time]
Personality: Angry. Untrusting, feisty. Short tempered and often coming off as uncaring, a hunter. Wild thing, refuses to be controlled or enslaved by men. Prefers to fight, and live on her own, will kill happily to keep herself free.


When I have time xD

More characters shall be added when I have time