it was a cold October night in Houston, almost Halloween. I was in my house in front of my computer, watching videos on Youtube while i was texting my friends about some of the new games and movies that are coming out in the future. i was home alone, in the dark. The reason i was alone in the dark is because i just so happen to like the dark, and i did not want to waste any electricity and make the electricity bill more expensive. But anyways back to the subject. As i paused the video i was waching, i walked out of the office room in my house, when i opened the fridge,a bright light shot out and hurt my eyes a little, while i was rubbing my eyes i heard a voice, sounded like it was behind me. I turned around "whose there!?" but no one answered, cause there was nothing behind me but my shadow, after i closed the fridge i stopped the voice from finishing a sentence, i could not make out what it was saying, well more like they were saying because the second time i was hearing the voice before i closed the fridge, i heard what sounded like two other voices. i decided not to eat anything, wasn't that hungry anyways, so i sat back in my chair in my office room where my computer was, as i played the video i felt something, like hands with sharp claws, grabbing my shoulders. i turned around and the feeling was gone, that's when i saw it, my shadow was being distorted and it took on some weird shape, looked like my normal shadow but it looked like it had wings and horns and sharp claws, and it had a smile on its face with sharp teeth. i froze in silence and turned off my computers monitor screen, as planned, my shadow disappeared.....or so i thought. i have this thing about me to which i can see a little in the dark, so i know where ill be going to. and that's when i heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Now i know that thing i saw was not my shadow. i tried going through the front door, but for some reason the handle would not turn, but how can that be, it was unlocked. i tried going out back, same thing happened, i heard a psychotic laugh coming from the hallway, i ran as fast as i could to the door to the basement, i had a scythe down there, don't know why i have one, but i'm glad i did. Maybe i can try to kill whatever was in my house, and end this. but i was wrong, i could not open the basement door either. i began to panic as all the power shut off, i knew because i tried turning on a light and it would not work. right when i was in a corner i heard the voices speak into my ear and they said in a low thundering voice that was almost demonic "YOUR MINE!" and now i could not see anymore, i felt cold, and i couldn't move, and the last thing i heard before everything went silent was "see you on the other side". Later i woke up, in front of my computer in the dark, was it all a dream? i walked into the room i was killed in, and there i was, my body was hung from the ceiling with a rope with a demonic circle right under my corpse, it wasn't a dream, i really am dead now, though for some reason the computer is typing everything i have been saying. does that thing want everyone to know what happened to me, or is it doing it so it can find its next victim. whatever you do, stay out of the dark