(This is an odd song i wrote, I dont even remember it. But, here it is regardless.)

Each of these poeple, they live such broken lives,
They eat their frozen meals, watching tube-vision lies,
Ive seen it all, from their watery eyes,
If there was a sequel, I think id rather die!~

If it was all laid out on a map, they wouldnt know which way to go,
If i told them to take a nap, theyd lay right on the floor~ Oooh~
Oooh~ Ooh, oh.
East, west, north and south, The words from their mouth,
They speak words of piracy, but the times been passed on to me,
We, we, we we we we we!
We we we we, are.

Oooh, well~
Beneath broken grates in the sewer system, we crawl inside, ahhh-ide~
If the bible hadnt said we were chosen poeple, i'd had thought the mainstream, lied.
No wonder common poeple, dont have much pride.
I found a cornfield, where it grows with no light, ahh-ight.
But if my crops are found out by the poeple, well theyll just cause it blight,ahh-aight.
If my crops are found by the poeple, Ill just lay down and die.
Yes, indeed.
Yes, Indeeeeeeed~
Now let me tell you you what I NEED!
Well I need a buncha pills and girl so sweet, might just make a poptart out of me!
Eruption of volcanoes! Less sniffles, from my nose!
Less hate, less fear, more guns, more greed!
And they said!
This is what they NEED FROM ME!
Less talk, more walk, white chalk,
and even stream, of air coming thru your phonograms!
this is what they need from me

Now, now now now now,
Dont get ahead of yourself, ahead of yourself,
It can be bad for your health, bad for your health, abd for your..
Dont get ahead of yourself, ahead of yourself,
Its bad for your health, bad for your health,