Oh, rectangle, rectangle, rectangle, square.
I wonder wonder who could be there?
My friends hiding behind glass doors?
Or endless amounts of deprived whores?
Neither neither says the man,
Turn your gaze as fast as you can,
It's a disease, its a trick,
Turn your gaze or it'll stick,
Stick deep inside you,
Stick on your conscience, stuck like glue,
Sucks the happiness right out of you.

Oh rectangle, rectangle, rectangle square,
you make me want to pull out my hair!
I turn away and you say, How dare!
So tell me what am I going to do?
Once I turn my eyes off you?
Maybe live for once in my life,
Maybe walk without a slumped strife!
Give me, Give me, my confidence back,
Ever since its been gone ive been off track,
I swear you suck right onto me,
Keep me coming back with glee,
You make me internally sick,
Like some kind of tick, lyme disease, or something else,
You fill that that hole like nothing else,
A triangle where a circle would fit,
Obviously shapes I must not get.

Oh, rectangle , rectangle, rectangle, square.
All at you I do is stare,
Stare blank deeply into space,
Rush myself, Im in a race,
A race a race to get out of here,
You could say I stay because of fear,
But I want to leave because I hate here,
I hate the way you make me feel,
Your that blade that cut my heel,
You make me limp when I can walk,
You make me mute when I can talk,
You make me hurt when I can feel,
Happiness, I swear its real.
I can see it, its so close..

Oh, rectangle, rectangle, rectangle, square.
But then, I come crawling back to you,
Not much else I can do?
No, youve instilled this thought,
In your web im no longer caught,
I can now finally feel,
Maybe, no.
I will feel real.
I will feel happy, I wont be sad.
Youll no longer make me feel bad,
I wont regret leaving here,
I'll let go of what I hold dear,
Maybe I'll breath again.