Race: Mage of the shadows/ Human
Age: Appears Twenty two. Is Actually Twenty Six
Height: Five feet Six inches
Weight: One hundred and Thirty five pounds

Personality: Calm and collected. Sarcastic at times, but mostly quiet and stoic. A good control over her temper. Has moments of being kind and caring. Mostly just keeping to herself.

Standing five feet six inches, long jet black hair that reaches half way down her back and is straight and thick. She has creamy white skin, only slightly touched by the sun. Rather large wide emerald green eyes with naturally curly lashes. In contrast to her large eyes, she has a petite button nose and soft rose colored lips. Her hair line is much closer to a heart shape, but the way her hair falls, if she doesn't tuck it behind her ears it falls so they shadow her face leaving the corners of her eyes and nose visible. Average bust size, perhaps a large B. Curved, not flat stomach. Long runners legs, muscled well enough. strong arms, just not noticeable under clothing. Tattoos on her inner wrists. One of cross bones, marking her as one who was supposed to be dead. and another, green and black swirl, of the demon that lives partly within her.

Background: As a child, she was very close to her mother who was a normal, unmagical human. Her father however, was a Mage and always at his studying and spells. Forced to study her magic, she found that she actually enjoyed her use of magic, just not under her fathers eye. She felt that he was too involved in his studies and not enough with his family. By the age of seven, she knew well enough how to manage basic spells and knew the general guidelines in order to start progressing without having to be under a watchful eye all the time. One day, her father lost control of a spell he was trying to master and the end result was that her mother was gravely injured. Avory herself was injured as well, and when her father said there was nothing he could do, she, in a fit of not wanting her father to be the only one looking after her mother, she used her own magic to heal herself as best she could, calling on the shadows of her anger to heal her wounds. Within three days of being back up and healed, Avory's mother died, and Avory soon began to retreat inside herself and loath everyone, most of all her father. By the age of nine she was force inked with the mark of someone who was supposed to have died by the towns people they lived amongst. This only strengthened her resolve to get out as soon as she could. Deciding she only wanted to learn as much as he could teach her, she stayed without complaint. By age fourteen, she had thought she had learned enough from her father, and left without a word, taking as much as she could carry, including one of his most important spell books and scrolls.

She made herself a camp far enough away from her father that she felt she could take a peek in the book and try some spells. The first night she was met with a vampire, a young one at that, who she had a short lived fight, where in the end, he was to feed on her. She felt the intense five and desire of the draining for only a minute before a hunter happened upon her and shot an arrow that nailed the vampire well enough to get him off of her. Though she did not die, she was off her feet for a good week, taken care of by the hunter and his wife. Thankful for the hospitality and their help, Avory offered to stay and help for awhile, though she never stopped longing for the same pleasure and pain of a vampire's touch. For over two months she lived with the hunter Bower and his wife Esme, learning how to hunt and fish. How to track and use a bow and arrow. Even how to make her own arrows. He also taught her a little hand to hand, which she fully enjoyed and did well at. After the two months, she said her goodbyes and left them with a full supply of healing positions, and guards to keep any nasty beasts away for a time. Once again, she found herself making camps in forests and mountains, though this time around she wasn't as careless. The thoughts of the scrolls and books came up again and she found a new desire to try and learn them. Being stubborn, she decided to try the one marked with a red ribbon. After spending a day collecting what she needed and saving up the energy she would need to make this happen, it went horribly wrong away. The spell, called up a demon of Poison and death named Arrowin, who she fought with for at least two hours trying to contain. By the end of their battle, Avory realized he had been toying with her all along and only wanted one thing. To use her. Using the last thing she had in her, she managed to lock part of him to an object, a choker her mother had given to her before she had died. Arrowin and her struck a deal, because without it, Avory would have died then, and she wasn't yet done with her life. Her goal, to kill her father. Arrowin knew this, and used it against her. Arrowin would give her power over poison and the sight, which granted her the ability to see poisons in food, drink and objects, as well as the ability to sometimes see immortality or certain energy wave. In turn, he was to be given the ability to feed off her energy, her magic, when he chose and the blood of which enemies she spilled. The catch was, her blood was no longer good. Poisoned to say the least, which meant she would never be able to feel the pleasure of a vampire's touch again, without killing them from the inside out. This more then disappointed her, but it was something she would have to get over.

Now, 12 years later, she some how reached a degree of control over when and where Arrowin could come out to play and take over for a moment. In time she also lost her happiness quite quickly, developing bad habits, such as smoking cigarettes and drinking. Now more of a stoic, quiet woman, she found herself never staying in one place for too long, which meant she didn't have time to get to know people or gain any ties or bonds. Avory endlessly travels, stopping for many a week at a time to learn new fighting styles or to rest. Her goal, to grow powerful enough to kill her father before her death.