Dear mother
You really ******** thought I would carve that hate of others into my own damn skin!
Your a fool, a lovable courages fool, but a fool no less.
Who else would let a monster never meant to be grow inside them,
and even after keep them safe
I'm a monster and your the person who gave birth to me.
Don't lie, I know you love me but I see the fear in your eyes.
Your scared of me, and for me.
As you should be monsters are scary.
This one would gladley take the long sleep if I had the courge.
But I don't so stop blameing yourself, stop trying to get me to open up.
Why would I say one damn thing when all I see is the hurt in your eyes.
All I get is arguments and reaosning
You cant reason with the insane, don't you know that.
When i carve hate into my soul, and it comes through in blood that fades to thin pink lines
I don't hate you, I dont think you hate me.
Of the two of us I hate me, thats all their is to it.
Becuse I was never supposed to happen.
Their was no happy in this accident.
I was a medical impossiblity.
It was'nt gods work it was the ******** devils.
I never stood a change becuse Iv got a demon in my heart that dances around.
I think I was supposed to hate everyone, its why I cary so much bitter anger.
But it did'nt work, the devil did'nt win.
Becuse I don't hate you, or anyone else.
Well thats a Lie I hate myself.