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Inane Wanderings
A blog about....well about....something. Really.
Never ask if this event could suck more....
....for verily, it could.

They've cut the energy regen rate to 27/hour, removed the energy you get for posting, and raised the price of the gold energy potion, which really only gave you enough for one move, to 25K gold.

This gives you an idea of how much Gaia gives a sh*t about the gold economy any more. In short: they don't.

I ran some quick numbers here.

The event is for rich kids who want to give Gaia money. As for me, I'm using my free energy (when I remember to go use it) to finish off the 500 achievements, and then I'm done.

My leisure time is for doing things I find fun. I've had fun before. This isn't it.

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  • User Comments: [3]
    Indeed. I was shocked how the price of blue potions skyrocketed to flipping 25k, because when I accessed the Barton shop, it was still 1k.

    I bought the potions normally, and when I gave a look at my gold, I had only 28k!
    I was like: What the hell just happened ? Is this a glitch or something ?

    Then I went to the forum, searching for a solution to this "glitch", and when I came back to the shop, the potion was 25k! It wasn't a glitch, it was Gaia who repriced the damn potion!

    "You son of a b*tch!", I said.

    I went from 212k to 28k because of this sh*t !? F**k this! I quit! emotion_facepalm

    As if that "cheater items" from the Cash Shop weren't enough. emotion_donotwant

    Also, did you know that you have to pay to change classes ? emotion_facepalm
    It's ludicrous.

    Excuse my cursing, it's just that we're not allowed to have fun anymore in this place. Everywhere you go, you have to pay, pay and pay. This is just over the top silly.

    comment TheJesterGuy · Community Member · Sat Oct 26, 2013 @ 04:05pm
    CourageNFaith, I've heard of a number of people who are in exactly your position, where they didn't see the 2500% jump in the price of "minor" energy boost, because of course Gaia conveniently didn't announce it, and suddenly found they were out of cash.

    And then Flynn's Ass goes back on sale today. Coincidence? I think not.

    Yup, I saw the announcement on paying to change classes. I've got more to say on that, but real life comes first. I'm having a lot more fun there.

    As for cursing, if you've read my journal for any amount of time, you'll know that not only do I not have a problem with profanity, I'm a rather skilled practioner of the art in my own right wink .

    comment purplewiz · Community Member · Sat Oct 26, 2013 @ 09:45pm
    Oh, good to see that I wasn't alone on this.

    I mean, this is just an a-hole move from the people who run this site.
    At first, I thought there was a glitch with the shop. I'd even make a thread about it on the "Bug Report" section when I came back to the same shop and then...you know the rest.
    Wow. Just wow. emotion_facepalm It's so disappointing.

    Thankfully, I had a "Black Sheep" item which I did not want anymore and I sold it in MP to "cover the prejudice" the event has caused to me. That was the minimum I could do after this sh*t.

    And yeah, Flynn's is back again, and it will not go away so soon. Either we bend over her and that stupid Jet cat every will or leave.
    Ri.di.cu.lous! emotion_facepalm

    Jet: Here's some advice: let go of your desires and do what makes me happy.
    Eat my shorts, you dumbf**k!

    Haha, ok then. smile

    comment TheJesterGuy · Community Member · Sun Oct 27, 2013 @ 03:22am
    User Comments: [3]

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