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This journal isn't just for show!
ideas, unfinished works, finished works and things that make you wonder why I even keep a journal anyway
Chapter I: Who are you?
"Welcome to J-Headquarters..this will be your second home from now on.." A husky voice said as she showed me the door, to a mysterious place..

If you were wondering how I got into this mess, well read on because its gonna be one wild ride..

A low groan escaped from the girl's mouth. It was pretty obvious that she's bored with class, soon the bell rang loudly and the bored girl ran out of the room, only to bump into:

"HEEEEEY TAENGOOOO!!! YOU WANNA GO OUT WITH US?" A tall girl loudly said as her ears were being pulled by a short girl.

"Ugh Sooyoung, why must you frighten Taeng with your abnormally loud voice?!"

"Yeah Sunkyu is right...stop polluting the environment with your noise" A blonde girl added as she glared at the taller one.

"The short girl grabbed the collar of the blonde and yelled out "You don't call me Sunkyu, you crazy Choding!!!!"

"Idiots, will you guys stop arguing?!" Taeyeon yelled out in frustration, in fear that she and her friends would once again be the laughing stock of school.

"Ooops, sorry Taeng..so are you going with us?" Sooyoung gave out a sheepish grin as she looked at the older girl with a sad gaze.

"No guys, I'm not going with you..I need time..alone"

Here, the power trio of Sooyoung, Sunny and Hyoyeon tried to convince Taeyeon with treats, threats and the loud cries of a whiny 17-year old...

Sadly, none of them worked..

"Come on Taeng, we have been wasting 10 minutes trying to convince you about the benefits of hanging out with us...why can't you just give in" Sooyoung whined while the other girls were covering their ears.

"Gah Taengoo, she'll never stop whining until you say yes!"

"Yah Taeyeon, save us or we'll die of noise pollution! I swear, my ears are bleeding already"

"Look guys, I really need to be-"

"Waaaah Taeng never ever hangs out with us..she'll die old, wrinkly, lonely and most of all short!!! Unless she joins us!!"

Well, I'll admit it..I don't really join them because Soo is not only loud, she's also a big eater. Then there's Hyo who tends to do stupid things in public. As for Sunny, fortunately she's the only sane one..but that does not exempt her from the hijinks.

"AIsh, alright..I'm joining..to make Sooyoung shut up and because I don't want to grow short and old" Taeyeon sighed.

"Yaaaaaay, we did it!! Mission Accomplished team Hyosoosun!!" The three girls said in unison as they pumped their fists in the air. The older girl just smiled inwardly at the antics of her friends.

After a ride to the train station, the girls made it to the street market. Sooyoung rushed by the food street and bought lots of food, while the other girls reluctantly accompanied her. There, a loud noise was heard.

"BOOOOOM!!!" Cue the entrance of panicking people running around the area. Amongst the crowd, there were strange-looking people, starting to cause chaos around the area,

The four girls started to run, there..they saw five figures pop out of nowhere.

"OMG, that's them..." Sooyoung said after chomping down her food.

"You mean, the..."

"Yes, its them..the mysterious taskforce..Granlegend!!"

Taeyeon just stared at the three girls, she did not really have the time to know who these funny-looking people are, She just wanted to hide, so under the instructions of Hyoyeon..they hid at the alley.

"Hey Hyo, why are we hiding here anyway?"

"You guys wanted to hide, I wanted to see action and its to give way for Madame Choi who keeps on eating"

"Good job Princess Fiona, remind me that I'll treat you alright?" Sooyoung smiled widely as she ruffled Hyoyeon's hair and continued to eat.


The five warriors readied their stance against the wave of mooks surrounding them.

"You guys ready?" The red-clad figure said, the rest of the members nodded and started to use their weapons.

"Don't forget to stick with the plan guys!!!" Granunicorn yelled out as he drew out two blasters from his belt and started to fire them. The others followed suit from there, but then..

"Hm, good job Granlegends..you were able to curb the terror which we, the Seven Sins Cult have started..but that's not enough, now let me, Luciel show you the true meaning of terror.." The man soon sprinkled some dust towards the cosmetics store, and a new monster was born..

"Say hello to my baby, the Malquillager" Luciel smirked as he ordered the monster to attack the passers-by.

"You won't get away with this Luciel, in the name of the Granlegends..we will defeat you" Granphoenix soon drew out a cannon and fired it towards the monster.

The Malquillager used its powder attack and fired it towards the passer-by. There, a little girl was soon caught by the monster. Luciel smirked and said: "If any of you Legenders attack my monster, or me this little girl will die!!"

"You, you sicko..dragging little children into your fiendish plans..that's unacceptable!!" Granhydra was curling his fists into a ball, here Luciel started to laugh maniacally.


"Oh my gosh, that girl..what would they do?!" Sunny was anxiously looking at the scene in front of her. In the midst of this, the three girls wondered where Taeyeon was.


"Are you giving up yet, Granlegends? No matter what you do, it would be rendered useless as the kid dies anyway" The girls' cries were ignored, and time was ticking..soon, the little girl was suddenly released as the running streak of a person was seen.

"What?! Who in the world would do something like this?!" Luciel yelled out and stomped his foot in rage as he tried to find the perpetrator.

"It would be me, thank you very much" Taeyeon smirked victoriously while holding the girl's hand, she then whispered "You're safe now, go with your parents" The little girl thanked her and she ran along.

"How dare you get in my way, you bratty civilian!!"

"No one attacks the innocent under our watch!!" Grandragon said as he created a force field at Taeyeon's area. Grankirin lunged towards Luciel with a high-powered tackle and was able to topple him. While the villain was stunned, Granphoenix called the others..

"Let's do this!! Legend Cannon, ready..fire!!!" The five warriors soon fired a burst of energy towards the monster, thus destroying it.

"Nooo, you..that's it, get ready you fools!!" Luciel started to draw out an orb and placed it towards the remains of Malquillager...only to have the heart seed crushed by a running Taeyeon.

"Grr, this isn't the end you insolent fools! I'll be back and I'll have my revenge" Luciel soon disappeared into smoke.

"Good, the battle is over for now..or the area would have been ruined for sure" Granphoenix sighed in relief, and the five warriors vanished instantly.


"Taeng, you were so brave out there!!" Sooyoung smiled as she congratulated her friend, Sunny hugged her tightly while Hyoyeon ruffled the older girl's hair "Now that's amazing Shorttaeng, what motivated you to go there anyway?"

"I guess it was the child, or maybe its compulsion.." Taeyeon pursed her lips and walked out of the alley, the other girls followed suit. But then, she was stopped by a mysterious woman.

"Are you that lady who saved the child from Luciel?"

"Y-Yes, yes I am!!"

"Then come with me.." The mysterious woman soon vanished away with Taeyeon on her side, but before that..she fired a mysterious laser towards Sooyoung, Sunny and Hyoyeon.


"Where are we?" Sooyoung said in confusion as she looked at her surroundings.

"What are you guys doing here?" Hyoyeon was also surprised

"Let's get outta here.." Sunny sighed as she can't get over what just happened..


"What is this place?!" Taeyeon asked in shock as she arrived at some weird underground headquarters..

"Welcome to J-Headquarters..this will be your second home from now on..and I'm Commissioner Kwon, but they prefer to call me BoA"

"Whaaat, you're the..BoA, as in the famous idol BoA?!"

"Yes..but enough about me, let's get in.." Commissioner Kwon said as she opened the door.

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