I got the idea while zOMGing, just chilling in front of bill's ranch. I have a friend, Yurik, I know there's like about a million of him and for some reason people don't like him. I know it's probably his arrogant nature and some s**t he did in the past. Some people view him as a troll, but he's always nice to me, maybe its because I actually listen to him. I like his fighting personality, I think despite what the people perceives him as he fights back. Well maybe I'm talking about one specific Yurik out there, because I've seen multitudes of him at once, one time.

Well your probably thinking what was the purpose of all of that, I wanted to talk about the will to carry on. To fight on despite what people think, is a very hard thing to do. As I said that he has ******** up in the past, and yes I know all about the sexual s**t he used to whisper to people. I personally didn't give a ******** when he did that. Don't you guys know the rule don't feed the trolls? Anyways this one Yurik I mention doesn't do that. He raps and shouts poetry or he calls them raps, but they're poetry to me.

The poetry always consist of a good strong clear message with intricate rhyme schemes, even using slant rhymes which is hard to do on text. I know because I write, poetry, fiction and songs. I hate the fact that most songs use "you" and they rhyme it with the casual "true" EX: "It's true: I'm nothing without you" Its just sounds like crap, looks like crap and is crap. It lacks skill as a rhyme, which on the side note why is I don't like most Japanese songs because all their words end with a vowel, making them almost sound all the same to me. Anyways that generic rhyming s**t doesn't even promote imagery. Unlike those generic shits, he actually produces imagery in his poetic rhymes, that of which I applaud him for.

Back to the main subject, I know I did some s**t out there, which is why I have the Looking Forward Campaign, because it's my source of will to carry on. It's that fight in me to persevere onwards despite what happened and what I have done. I sorta admire this guy because of that fight, that he carries it with him everywhere he goes, without needing a Campaign like me. And I sorta feel bad, people deserve second chances. I'm here giving him one. I hope you my reader, gives him a second chance as well. He's not half bad really, all you have to do is just let him be, be nice to him and he'll be nice to you.

Thanks for reading, This is Anikacy signing out!