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Inane Wanderings
A blog about....well about....something. Really.
What I Think Of The Halloween Event
tl;dr version: not much.

The long version:

It's another horrifically unbalanced "battle system", designed by "developers" who apparently can't even balance their checkbooks, let alone a complex gaming system.

Let's start with clerics. Yeah, I'm a cleric. I didn't feel like going out and smiting enemies, it's too much like my real life. So I looked at the basic numbers, which is ALL you get before you have to choose (nothing like withholding information, folks), and they looked pretty good.

Geezum Creepas, I'd've chosen almost anything else if I'd known. Yeah, I can heal. Whoop-ti-do. I'm level 4 and I've still got only one low attack that does a whopping 5 points of damage. When I'm out attacking - and I have to if I want that achievement (see below) - it's like throwing cotton balls at a tank. That "one hit knockout" achievement? Numerically impossible.

Which brings me to the overweighted attacking class. Just to see how the other half lives, I logged into a mule and chose Knight. I had one hit knockout before level 2. I had kills up the wazoo - that mule, AT LEVEL ONE, was earning exp. points faster than this account at level 4. Was doing an order of magnitude more damage than I was at level 4. I call bullsh*t.

This is second edition D&D as of 1987, before they rebalanced the game in version 3.5. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Especially when you keep adding corners.

(Why yes, I did play. See my self-granted title. I'm a nerd, I was a nerd, and I'll always be a nerd. And I'm good with that.)

If you're going to have class-specific achievements, especially if you can't change classes, which you can't, then you need to have them for ALL classes. Everyone gets something; everyone gets excluded from something. That's really basic, and it has absolutely escaped the incompetents who came up with this mess.

Of course, I do know why they don't want people to be healers - they want players to buy their health. It's all about the MONEEZ, you know. So just get rid of the healing class and call it done instead of being this stupid.

All of this is secondary to the big question: what the Holy Ned does this battle system have to do with Halloween? Just because one of the NPCs has a pumpkin head doesn't make it holiday related. Just because Hellraiser's Pinhead has pins in his head doesn't make him a tailor or a clothing designer.

It's just another stupid spam the forums exercise. I wonder if the forum numbers need bumping to prove to the investors that yeah, there really are still people here.

As for me, I'm already bored sh*tless with it. I don't care. I'll use my free energy to finish out the 500 attack/heal achievements, and probably reach level 5. But after that? I don't have time for this crap. It takes too long. The points needed to level up keep going up, and it's just mindless grinding like zOMG used to be before they got their heads out of their asses and fixed Bassken Lake so you weren't there for days killing buzz saws and dreaming of the day you got to see some different animation loops.

So if you're on the other team, go ahead and kill me to level up. I'm ok with that - no harm, no foul. It's not like Gaia death is permanent or anything. Dead people can't give Gaia money.

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