Yesterday was ... eventful. I'm still unsure whether or not Panda is all right; I haven't seen her since I left her in the infirmary.

I'm doubly unsure whether or not she managed to get any of that tea into my morning coffee, but if she did, the effects are rather long-lasting.

Either way, I intend to take notes, if only for a record of what sleep deprivation and unfamiliar Chinese herbs do to my system. Or perhaps I'm dreaming, and when I wake, I'll find nothing in my real notebook at all. Or somehow Tamaki kidnapped me while I was asleep and dragged me to a theme park. It's not like he hasn't done that before ... though if he did, he's wandered off again. Not like he hasn't done that before, either.

* Host Club seems to have been replaced / removed / left behind (except for the doors), and we are in a rather foggy and mysterious place. Mildly macabre, skeletons, jack o'lanterns, tombstones, Gothic architecture ... really, very well-designed theme-wise.

* Not alone; Mori's here, I believe I heard the twins, Haruhi was here briefly and disappeared again, Thistill is here and strange as ever. Miss Shiny is here, with quite the costume. (I really should find out how that glowing effect is done, even if she did tell me not to ask. It's very effective, and I can see ways to use it in the club.) Miss Tsukuri and CC are here as well, though their dog-and-cat themes seem more pronounced.

Really, that's the detail that leads me to think this is an effect of the tea. If it were real, I'd need to factor in some sort of odd suggestibility, and I can't tell if that would be on my end, theirs, or both. Too complicated. Occam's razor; cut that off.

* Some new young ladies that I haven't met before: Miss Loki (Lokianna), one "Super-duper High School Homicidal Maniac, Genocider Syo," (KeroKero Kola) -- a little strange, that one -- and Miss Tsuki (Tsuki_Kirkland), who seems to be part of the show.

* Audio-animatronics are superb, as are the fog effects. Little doll-like creature quite charming, seemed to take to Mori very well.

------ ah. I haven't seen Ms. Chambers in a few months; I believe the last time was at Valefor. Slightly surprised to see her here ... and yet somehow not surprised at all. There's something ... though for the life of me, I can't remember what it was.