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Luna's Journal
Luna's Profile
Name: Luna

Gender: Female

Race: Shooting/Fallen Star/Celestial Embodiment

Orientation: Doesn’t care

Age: Unknown, as a human she would look in her 20s.

Height: 5’5

Weight: 135lbs

Appearance: Luna’s eyes are blue, her skin is different tones of pink, her skin is a light pink, and a more pastel pink form shapes, mostly that of stars in different areas of her body (Which can glow). Her hair is a darker nearly hot pink, or Lavender (Haven’t quite decided). Her hair is long reaching to the middle of her back and her bangs are cut a little over her eyebrows. Her body would be considered somewhat average if she were to be human. Her stomach for the most part is flat but not completely. She is slightly voluptuous; her chest would be around a C cup. She has a Succubus like tail, the same color of her skin and the tip is the shape of a heart.


User Image

Tektek references:

Main Outfit:

User Image

Secondary outfits:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

(There are more tekteks, between them is my current avatar, but tektek is lacking the item “Vega’s Love” currently.)

Personality: Luna can be a bubbly character, somewhat aloof at times but kind and respectful, at her worst she can be quite bold, rash and a little full of herself without taking notice. Luna’s favorite things are the arts, dancing, music, and painting on a canvas.

Bio: Not much is known about Luna, so far she has only let on that she traveled across time and space to the world of Valaura. She was sent to that world by the “King of the cosmos” to help according to her.

(These are bound to change; this character is just in its beginning stages.)

Teleportation: Luna travels through space, time, and dimensions, not a particular ability of hers but given to her by the king of the cosmos of her dimension.

Wishes: She can grant wishes, she will not do this for just anyone and hardly for herself. If she were to grant a wish she would grant it without any type of trickery and most likely out of gratitude. Part of being a shooting star is granting the wishes of those with pure hearts or good intentions. When granting a wish she would attempt to grant such in a manner that would not affect the world or dimension she is currently on negatively. If such were to happen, she would take the wish from her own dimension and bring it to the current dimension the wisher is in so long as it didn’t cause any type of destruction to that dimension.

Healing: Being a star, some of her powers have holy attributes; one of these is the ability to heal.

Light: Luna can shine very brightly, so brightly it could blind those around her. With this ability she can both hurt, and save the ones around her. If a particularly evil being gets near her while she does this, they would start to disintegrate. They would have to escape or they would turn to stardust.

Speed: She has above natural speed.

Fire (Can control and be unaffected by): Being a star has a lot of perks; Luna cannot be harmed by fire and can make her own. If put into danger she can attack with her bare hands which could become as hot as the sun itself, perhaps even hotter. Throw balls of fire, and many other nifty little tricks. Fire itself is part of her.

Super Nova: Uncontrollable so far; only in the most drastic of situations if her life is in danger would this ability simply happen. If Luna were in a situation where death would be inevitable, she would lose control of her powers and become a super nova. This normally if not contained can make the very oxygen in the planet she is on catch on fire… Luna would blow up into a giant fiery ball of destruction; the very world she would be on would be consumed and become part of her very being. This can be stopped or controlled thus far only by her sister.


Ice: Considering Luna is very fond of fire and being warm, she doesn’t like ice or just the feeling of being cold. She hates the cold and could very easily be used against her. If used properly it could “put her fire out” temporarily.

Emotions: Human emotions, Luna fails to comprehend them properly and understand them, being an embodiment now she has these but she doesn’t understand them. As well she will not behave or react properly in some given situations, in example: In a situation where a human would feel embarrassment she will not.

Glowing: Depending on Luna’s emotions, either her hair, or some marks of her body will begin to glow. If given enough attention, she would give her emotions away with ease.

Lack of strength: She doesn’t have much physical strength, only around the amount a human would have.

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Mizzus Hyde
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