gaia_angelleft Just some random character ideas that i have. Just wanted to put them somewhere so i don't lose them. gaia_angelright

name: Celeste Hart
hair: Short, bangs, light brown with traces of white underneath in the back. She has a ribbon in her hair with a feather attached to it.
eyes: Golden green, a little but of white under and around her eyes. Almost like eyeliner.
animal: Axis deer. Deer ears and tail. Ears are high on the head and kind of large. They are black tipped with white along the bottom and white fur inside. Small antlers.
clothes: Tank top and shorts in the summer. Scarf and warmer clothes and gloves in the winter. She prefers being barefoot but will wear boots when it is a necessity.
age: 20ish.
weight/height: 125-130 pounds. 5'6
type of body/build: She is slender and thin, but she isn't exactly week. She is a good runner/jumper and she is very fast. Her legs have become powerful from traveling over rugged woodland terrain. She is a good swimmer. Her chest is of a moderate size.
skin tone: A light tan.
shape of face: A slight oval face.
distinguishing marks: She has a scar around her right ankle from being caught in a hunters trap. She has some small spots along her arms and down her sides and back. Like white colored freckles. She also has a few on her cheeks and nose. She also has two white bands on her lower arms and a black stripe down her back.
health: She is pretty healthy for the most part. Occasionally she may catch a cold or accidentally eat something poisonous.But she has no real health issues.
favorite colors: Blue and Green.
food: She is a vegetarian for the most part. She sticks to roots and plants while sometimes eating fruit as well. She will eat meat if it is absolutely needed.
mode of transport: she travels by foot. She is fast enough on her own. She is familiar with cars and whatnot though.
hobbies: Swimming, running, exploring. She also enjoys reading books that she finds or steals. She is also talented at drawing and painting.
how does she spend a rainy day? She doesn't mind the rain so she is either in it or watching it.
daredevil or cautious? A bit of both. She is mostly shy and cautious, but she is also highly curious and will attempt daring things sometimes.
do they act the same alone as when they are with someone? For the most part, yes.
personality: She is dreamy, a bit naive, shy and overly cautious at times. She also asks a lot of questions when is is curious and she can be very stubborn and frustrating. She likes being alone and prefers the country and wilderness to big cities. She feels more at home in those places. She is very practical. She isn't always the smartest, but she is very resourceful.
drinks: water mostly.
greatest strengths: Very fast, Loyal, doesn't give up.
greatest weakness: Being overly cautious sometimes, stubbornness.
soft spot: Craves salt
is their soft spot obvious? Not really
if not, how do they hide it? She carries salty things in her pockets.
type of childhood: She was raised by her brother for most of her life. But he died.
most important childhood event that still affects her? Her brother dying.
religion: None
mother: None
relationship: She doesn't really remember her.
father: None
relationship: She doesn't remember him.
siblings: She had two older twin brothers. One died and the other disappeared a long time ago.
optimist or pessimist: Optimist despite the hardships in her life.
jewelry: A black choker necklace with a feather and some shells hanging off. Her brother made it for her.
defenses: She uses a bow and arrow. Also she knows a little bit of air magic.

name: Birch Hart
hair: Long, chest length. Sometimes wears it in a loose ponytail. Light brown with white mixed in underneath.
eyes: Golden brown, a little bit of white above and under them.
animal: Axis deer. Deer antlers (kind of large ones), Ears and tail. Possibly a bit of fur on his chest?
clothes: Shirtless, Jeans. He prefers being barefoot but will wear sandals if needed.
age: Late 20's.
height/weight: 5'11, 155 pounds.
type of body/build: Very muscular arms/torso. But not overly muscly. He is a very skilled runner/jumper and incredibly fast. His legs have become quite strong from lots of travel. His arms as well from lifting things. He is a good swimmer.
skin tone: Light tan
Distinguishing marks: He has small white spots trailing down his arms and sides. Like freckles. Also on his back. Some on his cheeks as well. He has a circle surrounded by smaller circles on his left upper arm. He has a black stripe along his spine.
health: He is in good health but can be prone to depression.
favorite color: Green and brown.
food: Vegetarian. He sticks to mostly roots and plants. He sometimes eats fruit and only meat if nothing else is available.
mode of transport: He always travels by foot. He is familiar with vehicles but doesn't like them.
hobbies: Swimming, running, sculpting.
how does he spend a rainy day? Sleeping.
daredevil or cautious? He became more of a daredevil after his parents died.
does he act the same alone as when with someone? No.
personality: Quiet, aloof, funny. He prefers to not talk with strangers. He is very easy going and lenient. He prefers to be by himself most of the time. Very smart.
drinks: Water mostly
greatest strengths: His strength, his ability to pay attention and listen.
greatest weakness: His quietness, he is too easy going sometimes.
soft spot: Sculpting.
is it obvious? sometimes. People usually don't know until they visit his home and see him at work.
type of childhood: After his parents died he ran away.
most important childhood event that still affects him? His parents deaths.
religion: None
mother: None
relationship: It was good while it lasted
father: None
relationship: it was good. He is sometimes bitter at them for leaving him and his siblings alone.
siblings: His twin brother and younger sister.
optimist or pessimist: Pessimist.
jewelry: A feather earring
defenses: A small knife, his fists. He can use small amounts of earth magic.