He a creature of the ocean
Me a creature of the sky.
As I flew he swam.
Our movements threw us into a dance.
I fell for him as he swam to the surface.
We met and we held.
chains of love tied us together.

Time has flown past
the chains has begun to rust.
We both begin to sink into the water.
I, being a creature of the sky,
tried to pull back up into the air.
but the chain held me there.
The more I pulled up
the more he pulled down.
He, being creature of the sea,
did not want to reach the sky.
I let him go further down.
It was unfair of me
to try to pull him out of the sea.

As more time passed,
I began to sink.
My whole body consumed by the water
I could barely breathe.
The chains were completely rusted,
but we paid no mind.
for a moment I was completely underwater
I held my breathe for as long as I could.
He swam down tugging on the chains.
I couldn't hold my breathe any longer and reached for the surface.

I yanked on the chains.
This annoyed my skilled swimmer.
I pulled and pulled until I reached the surface again.
Then I realized, my chain was no longer connected.
He had cut the rusted chain easily with a quick swipe.
He swam down into the darkness until
I could no longer see him.

Now I float on the water.
It's rather Ironic.
I feel more heavier
now that I have no one tugging me down.
Now I will let more time pass,
until I can fly again.