Someone has just ignited a fusion blend of managing to piss off the old White Supremacist in me as well as the troll-happy homo. So, this means I've found numerous equations which actually fuel my split personalities, simultaneously.

Feminists have this obnoxious complaint that "porn is degrading to women". Likewise, conservative jack-offs want all porn banned based on their "impurity" clause.

Against women working:
Far-Right a** hats hate that women have the ability to work. In comparison, feminists like to vote for handouts which keep them out of the workforce. By this notion, far-right-ers hate when all the single mothers keep getting free checks in the mail, so by impulse, they tell them they should get a job, but they don't want to hire them. What they should be telling them, by "virtue", is to find a man.

It's been told that feminists "want all the power, without any of the responsibility", which means that they still want men to pay for everything. However, far right conservatives like to pay for everything a woman does and ensure they don't work.

Reducing stress for only women:
In an addendum to the above, far right conservative s**t-heads like to use, as a result of women working, a White Knight clause that claims they wish to reduce women's stress by taking them away from the workforce in order to relax and be all cozy at home. Feminists would also like to only reduce women's stress, by making sure women get access to the best handouts socialism can offer and being able to sit at home and do nothing but watch "da baby".

Women voting:
For the most part, it's been complained that giving women the right to vote has caused all these things. However, women didn't vote to vote, men did. As is with all p***y-whipped men, they got "sad and depwessed" that their property was angry with them, so they gave women the right to vote. Feminists still say their vote doesn't matter, anyway.

Women are always right:
I've had to hear this line from grubby, conservative, "family men" who make this insinuation that in order to keep "their women" happy, they have to listen to every word they say. Of course, as is the pattern, feminazis always insist that women are always right.

There are also some correlations with Feminazis and the anti-Illuminati crew. Keep in mind, anti-Loominati's are still in the same realm as right-wing fear mongering with their "think they're enlightened and worship Satan" nonsense.

Against those in power:
One of the key nuances is that the Anti-NWO crew are against the highly powerful "Elite" who like to make insinuations of their "bloodlines". Feminists are against the "Patriarchy" who despise people who "keep the business in the family" (bloodlines). Both are against the fact that they're rich and are the 1%.

So, where does my Men's Rights Activist mentality come to play in all of this?

As is with the White Knight clause, it's despicable that these straight men want to pander to these women's every desire. Feminists want to sit around and collect welfare, and conservatives want to take women away from the stress and utter bullshit that comes with being their whipping boy. They want to pander to women's s**t and pamper them again and again and disregard the plight of any men that want out of their head games. Men die earlier than women for a reason; you've pandered to women in every way, shape and form for numerous millenia and told men to "suck it up and take it like a man". Men have problems, just as much as they do, and you've done nothing to remedy this. You make sure only women get child custody and again force other men to pay for it.

Here's a little something from my old, Straight Edge mentality, with a dash of feminism:
You men are nothing but overly emotional little bitches. If you really were as "non-emotional" and "rational" as you claim you are, you'd never need your ******** alcohol to calm down your overly emotional bullshit. Alcohol makes you a disgrace, and you should stop trying to justify your violent repeal of prohibition, because you were so incapable of your "Man-Only Utopia" that you couldn't handle 30 seconds of withdrawal symptoms.