Something new in the Wildly Tame O.C family! And it's all about Eros and...a new lover for him.

What? A lover? Yes! I made Eros a potential GF and her name is Amy...(something).

Name: Amy (idk yet)


Ethnicity: American..? (Idk yet)

Race: human

Personality: girly yet not too valley girl and stuck up and not as high maintenance. She's like kinda laid back,but still girly.

Hobby: Photography and (especially) Shopping! Secretly likes hiking and the nature scene! And also secretly likes fantasy things (mermaids,[mainly] faeries,pegasus etc).

At first when the thought of them being together was a little...strange.Why?

That's because Eros is not the loving type as a boyfriend.I came up with the idea of Eros having a girlfriend from the movie Tarzan.Since Eros is kinda like of Tarzan (to an extent [if you read his background story] and to a point where he lives and breathes nature and never wanting to leave).Anyway,as we know Tarzan meets Jane.So at first I thought,"Nature boy meets City Girl".I was brainstorming on the title and how she should look like and who she should be (though I think I was more focused on the title and a bit on how they should meet and stuff).Anyway,after much thought,I finally came up with a name for her and how she should look like.Following after,I've been having these scenes in my head of the two of them together.Which btw,I think Eros will be a total tsundere with Amy XD (Now,Kitan is kind of too,however,he's more of the loving type than Eros).The title of Amy's story encounter with Eros is called
Moonlight Pegasus. I know I have a lot of story projects to do,but they new ones keep coming and I'm very excited about this story so.Yeah.I can't wait to show you a preview.Not to mention 3-4 pictures of them that I will be drawing of them. emotion_awesome

other than that,I've had 2 dreams of the anime based on
Kuroko's Basketball. Why? Idk... neutral

so yeah.And also,I have a scanner/printer however,it's not picking up the scanner and I'm scared that I will never be able to scan my pictures.I have one solution,and I really hope it works... sweatdrop