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It's cold... I feel so cold.. Why am I so cold? What happened to me? Where am I?

"Diana! Wake up! You are going to be late for school!" My guardian calls from downstairs. "Diana!! I said, WAKE UP!" I see a flash of light. Diana is hovering above me, floating in mid-air. I hate when she does this.

"Fine. I'm awake, Happy?" I reply, Purposely making my voice have just a hint of attitude. I flick my hand over towards my dresser, opening the drawers. I drag my fingers through the air, then pulling my fingers down my body. The clothes follow the same trail, and land on my body neatly. I love being able to do this. It makes life so much easier! I twirl around, and instantly, my hair is brushed, my teeth are flossed and brushed, and my hat is on my head. "I'm going to school, Bye!" I shout down the stairs, where my guardian, Maria, is again. "Grab your lunch! Its on the table," Maria says. I close my eyes, and with my mind, I reach out, down the corridor, and into the kitchen, taking my lunch off the table. "Got it! Bye!" I shout, and in a matter of seconds, I am out the door before I can get an answer.

You might be wondering what I am. Well, let me tell you. My name is Diana. I am 15 years old, and I am a junior at The academy of Magik. The academy of Magik is where young magical beings, such as myself, go to train to learn how to use our powers to protect ourselves and the people around us. Everyone is classified as a type of being. Wizard, Telepath, Witch, Ghost, etc. . Any being you can think of will be at the academy. I am an unclassified being. For centuries, everyone has been classified. I am the only one in existence that has not been classified. No one knows what I am, but I have the abilities of all the high class beings.

The person that practically screamed at me to get up this morning was my guardian, Maria. Guardians are just like the human parents, except there is only one of them. They raise you until you are 18, then they leave you on your own in the world. Maria is a witch, which is why she could float in mid-air. She is in charge of me, and is my only friend.

I step outside. The air today is cool, and there are people bustling outside, rushing to their jobs in the community. I close my eyes. I imagine myself standing on the air, as if it was a stable floor. When I open my eyes, I am floating in mid-air. That's another one of my abilities. I can control the elements. I hang there, in mid-air, with the other air-benders beside me. We all fly to our destinations. I love being up here. I look down. The community looks so beautiful from up here. There are flashes of light coming from below. People using magik. I move my head to the left a little, and just like everyday, I see the academy.

The academy is the pride of our community. It is a mountain, literally. The academy used to be a mountain, but with the help of other magik users, the magik council transformed it into a beautiful castle-like structure, the size of the mountain. I land safely on the paved side walk. Right when I touch the cement, I hear a voice. "Diana, you are asked by Lord Jack himself to meet him in his office." Its the secretary. "L-Lord Jack..? Why does he want to see me..?" I ask, stunned. "I don't know, But it's urgent." The secretary points to the tallest tower of the academy. "Up there. There is a door on the far right side. Enter there." I say thanks, and command air to take me up there. Within a minute, I make it to the tallest tower. So this where Lord Jack will punish me.. What did I even do? Maybe someone made up a story that I tried to hurt them or something. But Lord Jack would just ignore it. I walk to the big wooden doors. I knock. "Come in", a deep voice beckons. I open the thick wooden door. Here we go, I think.

currently questing the items in this thread
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