I’ve completed the research in finding what causes Nano’s anxiety.
It has now grown bigger, and I think it is because of the experiments I’ve done with it.
It seems the soul cannot express all emotions through the body, and this is causing Nano to not be able to control them so well.
The only emotion that seems to be keeping her calm is the one that enhances the soul – Kindness.
Sometimes Nano has the same characteristics as a human psychopath; It lacks any sense of moral.
This only happens when the emotions are too much for the soul to handle, and so far there has only been two occasions where it has happened.
I feel sorry about it since it’s trying so hard to let both soul and body stay balanced, but it cannot even though it tries its best.
Poor creature.
I am starting to wonder if the merging of a soul and an artificial body was an idea worth testing.
My fear of it not being is starting to expand.