Atheists are entirely weak to the claims of Heaven. It isn't because they inherently fear death, but because they think they deserve such a precious reward. Humans do not deserve Heaven. I do not deserve Heaven. No one deserves a 2000+ year paradise based off of the insufferable rhetoric you give people day after day.

Here's the thing. Not a single "Christian" repents from the bullshit they spew on a public forum, the baseless claims they make, the generalizations and condemning people to Hell constantly; not one of them begs for forgiveness for the people they hurt on their way to their Utopian Pipe-Dream.

I do not deserve Heaven, no matter how "good" I am, no matter how "bad" I am. It is an unfit, unbalanced reward for an exaggerated "good" deed made by self-serving ingrates. Hell, likewise, is an unbalanced punishment for a "bad" deed, that has never been once objectively defined as "bad" based on the capabilities of human memory and the delicate structure of amnesia.