Mother Dearest

I love you, I do,
like any child loves their mother,
but sometimes I hate you too.
You always have an attitude,
and you never hear me out.
You talk over me instead.

I miss you sometimes,
and other times I’d wish you’d go away,
but I retract that thought.
Knowing as you taught me,
Be careful what you wish for.

A friend? No, I don’t think so.
You’ve never tried.
Though, I understand where you come from.
You don’t understand me, you don’t even try.

You’re just as scared of the world as I am.
Like flies that get caught in a spider’s web,
ready to be devoured.
But you won’t take the risks.
Your’re not even willing too.

You cling to a man for survival.
Like the duct tape that patches the rips in my jeans.
Though, all those men are childish,
Even my father.

We fight.
We argue.
We put each other in check.

I don’t feel like a daughter to you.
I took your place for a while,
when you left.
and now your back.

What now, you push me back.
No longer having a rank.
I am the middle daughter.
The one who always has your back.
You tell me to have a backbone.
And stick up for myself.
But when it is you,
You break me down.

But still I love you,
Like any child does,
An unconditional love
That you and I share.