True Love
It destroys you
Your alone in the end

She cries every night
Having the feeling of her heart being yanked from her chest
It hurts and it doesn’t cease

The pain it never goes away
Like a burning flame that doesn’t go out
Willing to scorch every ounce of the body

Till theres nothing left
But numbness
Dark, empty, lonely, numbness

She’s scared you know
Feeling as though she isn’t enough
She’ll never be enough

She can not please
Though it’s all she wants
Maybe she wouldn’t be such an ugly person

She puts on a face and says I’m ok
She breaks under pressure but she hides it
She makes herself into others

Someone who feels nothing
Someone who can’t feel pain
Someone who is angry

But she isn’t really
She fakes it
She’s really only sad inside

Fear, pain, numb
Hate, sadness, longing
These are only some of the things under the surface

But mostly she feels love
And unconditional love that can break her in two
I love you but your already gone....