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Adorkable Naru
Community Member
(You must be atleast 9.5 or higher for this.)

Posting a journal because it earns me gold, not a crime is it?
I've decided to tell you of my zOMG adventures.


I missed the throne room in Otami Ruins, so I decided to solo it.
Took me and hour and a half, totally worth it.


How did I do this you ask? (You being nobody. o w o)
Well, heres how.


The Ring Set

You MUST have Healing Halo, Divinity, Meat, Bandage and Scaredy Cat.
These rings are essential to your success in this mission, don;t forget that soldier!

Halo and Divinity keep your health up towards the end when the Giant Stone Coatl first pulls you in, and every time after. Scaredy cat is to scare away the minions when you run out of energy and while you fight the coatl at the end. Meat and Bandage are to heal yourself and get max HP for the level you choose to enter with.

You may choose two weapons to use and one buff that you maybe like to have on you, or just three weapons if your confident enough. I suggest bringing along iron will because the three minions he keeps by him do scare/bind/sleep you.

My ring set was as follows...
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Level Cap and Entry

You level plays a role only if you do this on easy, witch honestly unless your like godlike excellent at playing this game, your not gonna be able to do anything else.

So heres how the monser's CL works in this instance...
On Easy, Animated will show as blue and 0.6 below the CL of the member with the highest CL.
On Normal, the Animated will show as the same CL as the person with the highest CL's CL.
On Hard, they're 0.6 above the member with the highest CL's CL.

...according to your level of 'excellence' playing this game, choose one, I recommend easy if your doing this for a quest and just want to get it done; and normal if your looking for loot. Do not pick a level because you want the monster number to be lower or higher, because that won't change since it is based off of how many crew members are in the instance.

I recommend lowering your level to 9.5, I actually forgot to lower mine before I left, resulting in me playing as a 9.7 (as i'd just implemented a new ring and hadn't gotten the chance to charge it yet.)

The entrance to this instance can be found at B5 according to this map.

The Battle!

I suggest BEFORE you enter The Throne Room, to kill some baby mobs outside, get your rage up, and r4 all your buffs, just to be on the safe side. If your already inside, no worries, you can just do that as you go along!

The Waves

Before each skull head thing mini boss fight, there are waves of smaller 'baby' mobs, such as the tikis, coatls, and bladed vases.
The first up are the cotls, just cruise along and use your scaredy cat whenever you run out of energy, HP, or just wanna re-buff.
The second round, after you defeat the first skull are tikis, kill the purples first as they do more damage, then worry about the red ones.
The last wave after the third and final skull are bladed vases, there are no tricks to these, but don't kill the last one until your ready to face the Giant Stone Coatl!

The Skulls

These guys are more annoying than anything else, but do pose somewhat of a threat to you if your not careful. Be sure your meat is on r4 and you have bandage already healing you before staring a fight with one.
The skulls have three stages before they die, the first, puts you to sleep and shoots llazers at you while you are incapacitated. The second binds you, and the last scares you away both (I think) have to directly hit you. For the first and second, spam your attack button until your unfrozen and can attack them, if you need to re-position yourself use scardy cat r2, and if you need to heal use bandage and meat r2. For the second form, just make sure you either have a long range weapon, or your close to him when he binds you.

The Titan I mean Giant Coatl

This guy is a pain, but for whatever reason your doing this, or just for the satisfaction of killing it yourself, its totally worth it!

When he first pulls you in you need to spam Bandage and meat with all the rage you have! Get away from him as fast as you can, run towards the door because he can't hit you there. You can't stay there forever because he will pull you towards him from time-to-time, so be careful. Scare his little minion away, and be sure your health and stamina are up, and charge with as much rage as you have! Once you've hit him run back to the safety of the door, and repeat the process until he's dead!


Now you know how to properly kill the titan...I mean Coatl, on your own.
Good luck!

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