So much for the "last" entry, right? I didn't even believe myself when I said that. Well. All I can really say is that I've tried to follow my own advice. And now I see what people mean when they tell me that the things I say are easier said then done. I tried to change my mind about love and think "Hey, maybe it does exist." but I just don't see it. So much for my "love is real" tattoo. So much for anything. So this is me, back in the same place I was about 2 years ago. With the same thoughts and surroundings. What the hell am I even doing? Where am I going with this? Maybe I'll never even know. This is all just so typical of me. Typical of the people in my life to ignore that I think and feel this way. What am I waiting for? I still have so many unanswered questions. I want something new. Different. And I don't want to wait for someone to show me. I want to make it happen myself. But how?

Kat =^.^=