My body may be gone, but my spirit still remains.
i watch you always.
i see the way you cling to a picture of me and cry for hours.
You make threats to the empty walls, saying you will see me soon.
But, no matter how elated i would be to see you again, to be able to hold you in my arms..
We both know you would never be able to do it.
You have to keep living. Keep living for the both of us.
i want..i want to reach out, to touch your face. To wipe away the many tears that fall from your eyes.
instead, i whisper in your ear when you're sound asleep. i softly mutter ''it'll be okay..and i love you.''
You make noises in your sleep that sound like words and i pretend that you're answering me. That you somehow know that i'm here.
That in your dreams we are still together and we are so, so happy.
We both know you'll eventually find someone new. That your life must still continue on-wards.
Of course, i'll help you. in little ways.
Maybe i'll move your books from the table in the library to the floor so that he helps you pick them up.
Or maybe i'll blow a little gust of wind so that you shiver and look in his direction to find a way out of the cold.
You will be my first love. My only love.
I will be your first love, but not your last. You will have many more as it should be.
But i know, i know i will always reside in a special place in your heart.
i leave you with him hoping, that in twenty, thirty, even in one hundred lifetimes, i might get the chance to hold you in my arms again.