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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Forty-Three

Another week went by before Maya went back to Charlie’s school to give her decision. Her morning class had been cancelled so she could go straight to the school. She didn’t tell either one of them that she was coming but at the moment she just wanted to see Charlie and she’d see Richard later. She knew his first class wasn’t starting yet and so she just let herself in. Charlie noticed her but barely acknowledged her.

“I wanted to give you my decision,” Maya said. She set her bag down on one of the desks and sat down next to him, “I really love spending time with you Charlie. You’re amazing, you really are. You’re sweet and you’ve always treated me right.”

Charlie nodded, “I love spending time with you too Maya.”

Maya pressed her lips together and tried to think of a way to say it, that she had chosen Richard over him, “I really love you Charlie. I do. But when I had time to think about it, I realized that I saw more of a future with Richard. I just don’t think we were supposed to end up together. I’m sorry.”

Charlie didn’t say anything for a long time. He wanted to be angry at her and he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t. After the tense silence, he smiled and stood up, “You’re right Maya. I get it.”

Maya stood up with him and he grabbed her, wrapping his arms around her, “I’ll miss you Maya. I’ll hurt for awhile but I’m not gonna keep you from a man you’re clearly in love with. I’d rather have you in my life as a friend than not have you around at all.”

“You’ll settle for friendship?” Maya said. Charlie nodded and she hugged him tighter, “This is great. I didn’t want to lose you from my life Charlie. Thank you.”

A few students began walking in and Maya broke away from him, giving him one last kiss before grabbing her bag and leaving. After that, she went about the rest of her day at school. She knew she wouldn’t be home right after school but she didn’t want Jade to freak out or worry about her and she managed to catch her before she left for work.

“Jade, I need to tell you something,” she said.

“What do you need?” Jade asked quickly, looking down at her phone every couple of seconds, “I’m kind of in a hurry.”

“It’ll be really quick,” Maya replied, “I was going to see Richard today after I got out today so I won’t be home right away.”

Jade smiled and patted Maya’s shoulder, “I won’t wait up.”

“Good,” Maya smiled and watched Jade leave and then frowned and called after her, “Wait! That’s not what I meant!”

Jade started laughing and then looked over her shoulder, “I wasn’t aiming in that direction Maya but it’s good to see where your mind is!”

A week after the incident with Vanessa, Audrey was called into the dean’s office. She was honestly shocked it had taken a week for them to call her in. Vanessa had taken a long time to even tell on her. When she went into the dean’s office, Dean Brant and Vanessa were sitting at her desk and Tom was standing in the corner with his arms folded across his chest. The dean took her glasses off and gestured to the chair next to Vanessa, who never once looked at her. Audrey slowly sat down and sat her bag down on her lap.

“So, Professor Brooks told me about what happened last week,” Dean Brant said. Audrey glanced at Vanessa out of the corner of her eye and almost giggled at the bruising on her face. Though the swelling had gone down, the bruises hadn’t left yet and that made Audrey very happy. As soon as the dean had finished speaking, Vanessa sat up in her chair and crossed her arms, smiling smugly at Audrey, “This was right before he went into detail about what Vanessa had done to you. I’d like to know what happened before you started hitting her.”

Vanessa started getting nervous and her body turned to the side to glare at Audrey as if that would intimidate her. But Audrey was done being intimidated, “Her and her friend came up to me and pulled me down on my knees. Then two of their other friends started coming towards me. I can only assume they wanted to beat me up. At that point I was so angry because of all the other stuff they, well, Vanessa had done for the past month and I just snapped. But I assure you, that was self defense.”

“We believe you,” Dean Brant said, her brown eyes moving towards Vanessa, “I just needed to get that particular story straight. So, now Ms. Rivera, I’d like to discuss what’s going to be done with you. This school does not tolerate bullying. At all.”

“What? You’re gonna expel me or something?” Vanessa snapped.

“Not only are you out of here, but you’re gonna pay her the money she spent washing the eggs off her car.”

“So I’ve gotta give her seven bucks?” Vanessa laughed haughtily and pulled a ten dollar bill and tossed it towards Audrey, “Here take ten. Who cares?”

“Actually, the car wash I went to cost me around twenty-eight,” Audrey retorted, knowing it would piss Vanessa off, though she took the ten anyway, “Thirty-eight if you count the tip I gave to the guy who hand dried my car afterwards.”

“And I wasn’t finished yet Vanessa,” Dean Brant said, slamming her hands down on her desk to get Vanessa’s full attention, “Then you’re gonna pay to fix the scratches you made on her car. How much would you think that would cost Professor Brooks?”

Tom crumpled his face in disgust and shook his head, “All I can say is that ten isn’t going to cover it. Two hundred fifty, maybe even three hundred.”

Vanessa’s face started going pale and she started to fidget in her seat. Dean Brant and Tom smiled and Dean Brant leaned over her desk, “And then you’re going to stand up and apologize to Audrey. And then you’re leaving this campus and you’re not coming back.”

“Elizabeth isn’t getting punished?!” Vanessa shouted, “She egged the car too! She took part in it too!”

“Fine, if it makes you feel better, Elizabeth can split the car wash cost,” Dean Brant flicked her wrist, “Don’t worry about your friend. She’ll receive her punishment. But you’re the mastermind behind all of it and you were the one who damaged another person’s property and threatened another student’s safety. We don’t tolerate that. Now apologize and get out.”

Vanessa’s body tensed up as she stood and faced Audrey, who was trying her hardest not to grin like a jackass to piss her off and make the apology even more difficult. With nails digging into her palms, she took a deep breath and said, “Audrey, I’m sorry for everything. And don’t worry about paying for your car. Apparently I’m paying for it.”

After she apologized, she turned and stormed out of Dean Brant’s office and after a brief moment of silence, Audrey let out a laugh, which made Tom start laughing, “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” she said, “Nothing is funny. I’m laughing because it’s finally over and I can enjoy my last few months of school in peace.”

The dean smiled and reached out for Audrey’s hand, “I’m glad you let us help you. You really shouldn’t be afraid to come to me for anything. Just remember that.”

Audrey nodded and she left, with Tom walking closely behind her. Audrey turned her head a bit, “You shouldn’t be so close to me or the dean will catch on to us.”

“We’re out of her sight,” Tom said, grabbing her hand, “And if she didn’t see me, I didn’t do it.”

Audrey laughed and threw her arms around Tom, “Thank you Tom. Sincerely.”

Tom hesitated at first but he finally hugged her back and quickly kissed the top of her head in case someone saw, “There’s no need to thank me. I love you and I’ll always be there for you even when you don’t want my help.”

That night, an exhausted Jade came back home from a particularly long day of school and work. Every day seemed to go by agonizingly slow since she’d gotten that threat from David. He hadn’t really threatened her before. Unless you counted those pictures of her and Norman as a threat. She’d shown the police the note but they could only do so much when they couldn’t even find him. They told her not to hesitate to call even if she was just suspicious or scared that he was there. She took their word for it and she trusted them wholeheartedly but she couldn’t help still being afraid. She hadn’t expected a silent week to go by. After that threat, nothing happened for a week. She never even suspected his presence.

She slammed her books down on her bed and did her homework, which took longer than she’d wanted. By the time she had finished, it was too late for her to even function. She dropped her books down on the floor at the foot of her bed and fell asleep without even changing into her pajamas. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been asleep but she woke up to heavy footsteps. She was about to dial the police, but the footsteps were so close to her door, she didn’t want to risk whoever it was hearing her so she texted Norman instead.

I need you here right now. Someone is in the house. Come here and call the police. I don’t want them to hear me.

She heard the doorknob turn and she quickly sent it and shoved her phone under her pillow, covering herself as much as she could, hoping the darkness would shield her enough. Apparently that didn’t work. The door opened and the heavy footsteps got closer until he was over her bed, pulling the covers off of her. He rolled her onto her back and Jade was completely paralyzed with fear and didn’t know what to do. But as soon as she felt his hands touch her skin to pull her shirt up, her eyes shot open and she grabbed his wrists, “Don’t!”

David’s intense eyes stared directly into hers and he yanked his arms away and pulled out a knife out of his pocket and pointed it at her neck, “You’re not going to continue fighting fate anymore Jade. Don’t make me use this. Now put your hands over your head.”

Jade stared at the shiny blade pointed at her and she did as he said. As he pulled out one of his old ties that Jade strangely enough recognized, she recalled something her dad had said to her if she ever ended up in a situation like this. He said to just go with it until she had the opportunity to get him right in the crotch. She carefully looked down at her legs. They were right in between his and she looked back at him and smiled sweetly. She leaned forward and when their lips were inches apart, she lifted her knee and got him in the crotch. He groaned in agony and she shoved him off of her, shaking the loosely tied tie off her wrists. He followed her but very slowly. She was honestly surprised that he was even on his feet, “Jade, don’t you run away from me!”

Jade ran into the kitchen and grabbed one of the knives from the silverware drawer. When she came back out, David was blocking the front door. She considered pushing past him since he was still recovering from her kick but he seemed to be regaining strength. She didn’t want to risk it. She lifted her knife and took a few steps back, “Get out David. Right now. Just go.”

“I’m not gonna do that,” he said, stepping closer to her, “You can’t hide from me forever Jade. I’ll always find you. We were never meant to be apart Jade, don’t you get it? We were meant to be. I was your first, and you were mine. We’re connected.”

“Don’t say that!” Jade shouted, “We’re not connected! I don’t love you anymore David! I thought we could be friends but we can’t! So I want you out! Go!”

“You still don’t get it,” David said again, “You’re mine Jade! If I can’t have you, I won’t let anybody else have you! I only want you for myself.”

David backed her up against the wall and grabbed her wrist, squeezing harder and harder until she dropped her knife. He grabbed her neck to prevent her from looking at anything else but him, “I especially won’t lose you to that other man. I don’t even care to remember his name.”

Jade refused to even give him a response. David opened his mouth to speak again but the door slammed open and Norman stood in the doorway with panic in his eyes. But once he saw David with his fingers wrapped around Jade’s neck, he clenched his fists and stepped into the house, “Get your filthy ******** hands off of her.”

“Don’t get any closer to me,” David held out his knife, “Jade will never belong to you and I won’t let her have you!”

“Drop the knife David,” Norman said, reaching out to David but never taking a step forward. David held the blade close to Jade’s throat and glared at Norman until they all started hearing police sirens approaching the house, “It’s over David. Drop it.”

“I won’t!” David raised his knife and Norman ran towards him but before he could grab him, David had dug his knife deep into Jade’s gut. He had somehow dodged Norman’s lunge and got her a second time before Norman managed to grab him and wrestle him to the ground, “If I can’t have her nobody can!”

David attempted to approach Jade again but Norman was much stronger than him. David heard the police running towards the door and David managed to squirm out of Norman’s grip and ran out the back door, tossing his bloody knife to the floor. Norman ran after him. The police ran in and dropped at Jade’s side, “We need an ambulance! You’re gonna be ok! Where did he go?”

Jade winced at the pain in her gut and let out a whimper as she pointed towards the kitchen, “He…he ran out the backdoor. My friend…my…my friend, he ran after him,” Jade was suddenly feeling more tired than ever and was having the worst time staying awake. Every time she tried to close her eyes, someone was grabbing her face, telling her to stay with them. She didn’t really know how much time had gone by before she was in a stretcher being rushed out of the house. She wasn’t really aware of what was happening at that point. The last thing she remembered before losing consciousness was the feeling of someone grabbing her hand and someone telling her in a whimpering voice, “Oh god Jade. Hang on we’re almost there. Don’t die on me. I don’t wanna lose you.”

So Audrey was the first one to be completely resolved, basically. I have something else I wanna do for her, but the next one might be a filler for her. But what should we expect from Queen Filler Pants? Hahaha! And who knows, maybe Maya will get some booty like Jade had assumed. And speaking of Jade...I decided David was in fact capable of killing. I realize it may be slightly overdramatic but oh who cares? I'm a drama queen leave me alone haha.

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