H.R. WESLEY:(shoplink)

2004- Edmund convinces everyone that he's Sean Connery
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2005- O' Sheet!
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2006-2008- Edmund is all wrapped up
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2009- In the midst of demigod cultish fervor Edmund plays the dual part of Neutral Old Man (NOM) and the hero gaia deserves
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2009- Also Louie moved in...he's a blind B.O.O.b
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2010-Edmund is still the neutral old man gaia deserves
2011-Ezio from Assassin's Creed
2012/2013- Edmund stopped being such a neutral old man and started protecting Gambinos again

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2010- Ishida from Bleach
2011- Louie threw a masquerade ball which went over pretty well by gaia standards
2012- Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler
2013- Trafalgar Law from One Piece