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Haute Modena
The story of love, lost, gain and revenge while looking fashionably elegant!

Meilland was often called the luckiest man in town! He was married to Etoile, a model of unparalleled beauty who was the desire of every man she met. She smelled like the burgundy roses she favored so much, and her runway walk was a fierce, inimitable stomp that practically put all the other models around her to shame. As her husband and business partner, Meilland believed they were virtually unstoppable. Their relationship was perfect -- or so they thought…

Haute Modena, Couture Hat
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Scoop Neck Top
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Meilland truly believed he had everything. He was extremely successful, since managing his wife’s career was quite lucrative, and his wife was the star of the fashion world. Designers claimed she was their muse, and they practically stumbled over one another in an attempt to book Etoile for their shows. But Etoile was more than just a beautiful model: she was also kind and very generous. Meilland, however, didn't appreciate her -- for he was proud man, and very egotistical…

Etoile's Hair
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One day a new protégée model appeared. Her name was Elina, and Meilland instantly became infatuated with her beauty and grace. Etoile soon faded into a distant second in his mind, and Meilland was certain his heart now only belonged to Elina. However, his career seemed permanently tied to Etoile’s success -- everyone assumed they were the perfect couple! If the two separated it’d no doubt be a complete disaster for his career.

Scarf, Custom Shades
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Mini Skirt, Eyes, Elina's Hair
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Meilland had to have Elina at any cost! During a private rehearsal on the runway with Etoile, Meilland walked side by side next to his beautiful wife. At the edge of the runway, Meilland leaned over Etoile and whispered gently into her ear, “I always get what I want, sweetheart. But you’re in my way.” Smirking, Meilland gave Etoile a rough shove that sent her tumbling off the runway. Her head cracked against the floor with a sickening thud, her body limp and twisted. It was over: Etoile’s neck had snapped, and she had died instantly. Meilland claimed that it was an unfortunate accident during rehearsal and played the part of the bereft husband perfectly. The public mourned, but no one even remotely suspected foul play. Thinking he was in the clear, Meilland decided enough time had passed and he returned to work -- this time as Elina’s manager. Things seemed to be going well, until he started hearing voices during work… “Revenge! Revenge!” The voice was a haunting wail, and Meilland instantly screamed in terror in the dressing room. Elina ran in to comfort him, thinking he was overcome with grief over having lost Etoile. After a few months, however, Meilland stopped hearing voices. He successfully managed to woo Elina and take her as his new business partner and lover, and things seemed to be proceeding as he had planned. Meilland was pleased that everything had worked out so perfectly.

Chiffon Top, Mourning Veil, Mini Skirt, Elina's Hair
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Meilland's Curls, Meilland's Coat, Custom Shades, Eyes
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The fashion world had been absolutely abuzz with excitement over the upcoming runway show. Not only was it to feature the most incredible haute couture of the season, but the models walking the runway were simply the best in the world! Meilland was hardly surprised that his darling Elina was chosen to be among the select few. On the day of the fashion show, Meilland took his coveted front row seat at the side of the runway and watched as Elina appeared from behind the scrim. The beautiful model gracefully wafted past him as Meilland stared, smug in his newfound success, when Elina suddenly froze at the end of the runway. A chill crawled up his spine as the sweet scent of burgundy roses drifted in the air. His eyes widened as he realized that walking towards Elina was none other than Etoile. Everyone stared in awe as she calmly made her way down the runway, the audience seemingly entranced by her beauty. A jealous sneer crossed Elina’s face as Etoile moved to stand beside her, and Meilland could take no more.

“No! I killed you!” he screamed, enraged. Etoile simply smiled as she took a step back, her back to the edge of the runway, and fell. Her head struck the ground with a thud identical to the first time Meilland had pushed her. Panting and shivering, Meilland suddenly realized he was no longer in his chair -- rather, he was standing above Etoile’s crumpled body. Only it wasn’t Etoile anymore: his beautiful Elina now laid at his feet, broken and bleeding and utterly lifeless. The audience was screaming, everyone was in a panic. “You pushed her! You pushed them both!” Meilland heard someone yell. And at that moment, Meilland felt a chill flow out of his body, the familiar perfume of roses slowly starting to fade. All he heard was Etoile’s laugh, sweet and yet somehow mocking, ringing in his ears.

Custom Shades, Haute Modena, Eau du Parfum, The Lean, Meilland's Coat, Scoop Neck Top, Eyes, Meilland's Curls
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The Walk, Accessories, Mini Romper, Eyes, Couture Hat, Etoile's Hair
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