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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Forty-Two
Chapter Forty-Two

Maya headed back to school with a million unorganized thoughts going through her head. She had no idea what she was going to do. She needed to get another opinion but that would involve her having to tell the whole truth. She’d tell Audrey or Jade. Neither one of them would judge her right? She got to school and managed to catch Audrey before she went to class, “Audrey, I need to talk to you about something. I need some advice.”

“Sure,” the two of them kept walking together towards their classes, “What’s on your mind?”

“Well, you remember how I was seeing that guy, Damien?” Maya asked. Audrey nodded, “Well…his name wasn’t Damien. It was Richard, he used to be my English professor. I was with him and then we broke up and I started seeing Charlie who works at the same university that Richard moved to. And I can’t choose between Richard and Charlie because I love them both. I wanted your opinion. I’m really confused here.”

Audrey nodded, taking in everything Maya had said, “It’s hard to say. Who do you see in your future? Don’t even think about it just blurt it out.”

“Richard,” Maya’s eyes widened and she put her fingers to her lips. After the weeks she’d spent thinking about this whole thing, the answer came that quickly. Audrey nodded and patted Maya’s shoulder, “Then go for Richard.”

“How in the hell was that so easy?” Maya snapped, “I have been losing sleep over this and I come up with it just like that?”

“You just needed to kind of clear your mind,” Audrey said, “Once you did, it just came to you.”

Maya smiled, suddenly feeling weight being lifted off her shoulders. She’d finally decided that Richard was the one. But the happiness soon faded, “Oh, but what about Charlie? I feel horrible.”

Audrey shrugged, “Hopefully, Charlie will forgive you and you guys can be friends. But he can’t hate you for choosing. I mean, he told you to choose didn’t he?”

“Yeah. Yeah, yeah you’re right,” Maya nodded and let out a huge sigh of relief, “Well that’s taken care of. How have things been going for you? Any better?”

Audrey was about to mention what Vanessa and Elizabeth and their friends had done with the mud but decided against it at the last second. She didn’t want Maya freaking out again and beating the sh*t out of them, “Much better! Tom helped me go to the dean and she said she’d take care of everything. Everything is gonna be just fine!”

“That’s amazing!” Maya exclaimed, “I’m glad everything is finally starting to settle and everything isn’t so f*cked up.”

Maya’s phone started ringing and she held up her finger as she answered, “Hello?”

“Maya, I need you to come home right now,” Jade said incoherently.

“Is everything ok?” Maya asked.

“Everything’s fine,” Jade replied, “Can you just come home? Please?”

“Sure, yeah I’m on my way,” Maya hang up and tossed her phone into her bag, “Audrey I’ve gotta get back home. Jade needs me.”

“Wait, why does she need you?” Audrey asked as Maya started running off. Maya stopped and looked over her shoulder, “Oh that’s right. You don’t know. I’ll explain everything later!”

Maya ran off and left Audrey to walk to class by herself. She was walking for about a minute when none other than Vanessa and Elizabeth popped up on each side of her. Vanessa bumped her, “Hi there Audrey.”

Audrey shoved them both away and started speeding up, “I really don’t have time for this. Wasn’t ruining my morning enough for you? You insulted me, you insulted both of my friends and you’ve ruined my clothes and damaged my car. What else are you going to do to me now?”

“We’re going to continue until you give up that prize you know you don’t deserve,” Vanessa replied, “And that’s that.”

“Whatever,” Audrey grumbled, “Go f*ck yourself.”

“Grab her,” Vanessa ordered. Vanessa and Elizabeth grabbed each of Audrey’s arms and started pulling her down to her knees. Audrey grunted, trying to resist. As the two of them pulled Audrey down, two other girls came around the corner. Audrey started struggling even more and finally the rage boiling inside came to the surface and she pulled her arms down, bringing Vanessa and Elizabeth down to the ground. The two of them looked up at her, shocked that she had the strength to take them both down at the same time. Audrey squatted in front of them and she grabbed both of them by their collars.

“I’ve told you countless times to leave me the f*ck alone!” Audrey screamed in their faces, “Why didn’t you f*cking listen?!”

Before either one responded, Audrey threw Elizabeth down, focusing all her strength and anger on Vanessa. She became blind with rage and she could only feel her arms swinging and her fists hitting Vanessa’s face. She then felt something pulling her back but her arms kept swinging until she heard Tom’s soothing voice whispering in her ear, “Audrey, calm down. It’s over. Stop.”

Her vision returned and gasped at the sight of Vanessa’s bloody, swollen face. Another teacher was helping her onto her feet and she pointed a tiny little finger at Audrey, “I’m going to the dean with this you b*tch!”

“Fine,” Audrey replied, “I’ve already told the dean about everything you’ve done to me. What I did to you was in self defense.”

The teacher led Vanessa away as she started screaming more obscenities. But Audrey didn’t even care anymore. She looked down at her sore hands and her lips slowly curled into a smile. She had finally won one.

Jade never left her spot on the couch while the cops were asking her questions. She’d told them everything that happened before they had shown up. He’d hit her once and knocked her down and then threw her down on the couch, hit her again and then sat on her to do whatever until he heard the sirens. She heard Maya’s car pull up and then she heard arguing coming from outside. Jade stood up and stepped out the door, “She lives here! Let her in!”

Maya followed Jade inside and she looked around and widened her eyes at Jade’s fresh shiner and the bloody tissue pinching her nose, “What happened to you?”

“David got in here somehow and kind of beat me up,” Jade cleared her throat and stared at Maya’s coffee table with the huge crack in it that was on the verge of collapsing, “And I kind of broke your table.”

“What?” Maya followed Jade’s line of vision to the table and then shook her head, bringing Jade’s attention back to her, “I don’t care about the table! I’m just glad you’re ok. And I’m glad you called the cops this time. Have they found out how he got in?”

“I can answer that,” one of the officers came out into the living room, tucking a pen into his pocket, “He broke the window of that bedroom down the hall and got in that way.”

“Are you f*cking kidding me?” Maya groaned and rubbed her temples, trying to rid herself of this raging headache, “I haven’t even gotten the other window replaced yet. David is such a f*cking asshole.”

Jade went back to school the next day even though she really didn’t want to since she’d have to make up some story about the black eye. She managed to keep her head down most of the day and everyone pretty much left her alone until she sat down to eat her lunch before going to work. She heard someone sit down next to her but she kept her focus on her food.

“Jade, what’s wrong?” she suddenly cringed at the sound of Norman’s voice. He was the last person she needed to see. He’d freak if he saw the black eye. She didn’t want him to know what happened yesterday, “Jade?”

“I’m perfectly fine,” Jade said, biting into her sandwich so she wouldn’t have to say anything else.

“Then why won’t you look at me?” Norman asked, leaning forward to try and get a good look at Jade’s face. Jade moved her head away and then Norman grabbed her chin firmly and lifted her head, “How did you get that black eye?”

“I-I fell,” Jade mumbled, smacking his hand away, “It’s really not that big of a deal. Don’t worry about it.”

Norman frowned, staring at the dark bruise on her skin, “You’re lying to me. If it was as simple as falling down you would have no problem letting me see it. It was him wasn’t it?”

Jade scoffed and finally nodded, “Fine, yes. David got into the house and he smacked me around a little.”

“A little?”

“He only hit me two times,” she mumbled, “It could’ve been a lot worse. But the cops showed up and he ran off and they couldn’t find him. So, I can’t really do anything at the moment.”

“Jade, why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, sounding like he was genuinely hurt and upset about this.

“I was going to but then Maya came home and she got so angry I knew your reaction would be ten times worse,” Jade said, “I don’t want you to worry about me anymore. Now I have to hurry up and get to work.”

Jade quickly got up and left Norman sitting there to go to work. She walked towards her car, expecting something to be sitting in her car. She hoped nothing would be there but she knew there probably would be. It was sick that she had gotten used to the things David left for her. Just as she thought, on the driver’s seat was a note and when she unfolded it and read it, she almost passed out right there on the parking lot: If I don’t get to have you, I won’t let anyone else have you. No one else.

Ahhhhhhhhh it is done! I'm getting ready to wrap things up in a little bow. Forty+ chapters is pretty f*cking impressive if I do say so myself wink which is new because I am never impressed with myself. Let me have my ego for a moment! Haha! Anyways, it seems like Maya has made her decision and Audrey has finally kicked some f*cking ASS. Go Audrey! I would expect like 2 or 3 more chapters and then like an epilogue. I haven't decided razz haha

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