So, there's a thing about "smerl bersness erners" (small business owners ********) that think they're "entitled" to the profits that the corporations get. They'd say that they "help the economy" by not accepting handouts that the "berg bersnesses" get. They only say this, because they were never offered it, and you know people with that big of a jealousy fit would gladly think twice about it and likely accept it. That's why most of them are avid coupon enthusiasts and a good portion are internet pirates, like my uncle John. (He complains about welfare, too, just like you guyz.)

Now, the thing about this rancid bullshit is that they like to claim that Leftists are "spoiled, entitled brats" whereas the owners of big business/corporations are mostly Rightists. Wal-Mart is a fine example of this. Why is that, because they "worked hard" to get their company at that level, but as much as they "employ" (pun intended) useless tactics of rhetoric and semantics arguments, they insist that the big corporations didn't earn that little extra.

The thing is, I detest people who use the word "entitled", because they "know nothing about reality". I detest that phrase too; it's ripe with a No True Human fallacy waiting to materialize directly.

It's funny, because these narcissistic a**-hats actually think I'm a "liberal". Of course, they're great with association fallacies. They're also likely to be exceptionally poor at gun using, because if they had any actual fight in them, their so-called "liberal oppressors" (because they think they're victims to them) would be dead by now. They take too much pride in "owning" the gun rather than knowing when to use it. Oh, but they want those in case the government becomes "tyrannical". They've yet to define "tyranny", although I'm willing to bet now would be a good time, but I don't know what everyone's waiting for. Would waiting until after you hand over all your guns to the "sweet and kind" officer "just doing his job" do it, or will you just say to them, "I need those guns in case the government becomes tyrannical! Give them back Big Brother, wahhh!"

I swear, these people paint Muslims as being anything other than gun-toting, homophobic, religious nut-jobs, but wait, I thought that's what Rightists were? That's the thing about the "sweet and kind" officer bit up there, as long as someone smiles and is generally courteous to you, you'd bend over for them and take it up the a**. I mean, I'm gay, I think I can tell you how willing I would be to do that... Of course, my lovable little morons, Rightists still fall for Ted Cruz saying he's going to do the "Right thing" (pun time) and give money to the "Right cause" (Wal-Mart). He probably sounds so sweet and charming, just like every other Presidential ********.

You know, you've had decades of 3rd party candidates that were probably more true to their word than these a**-hats, but you still, still, still think life revolves around the "Right vs. Left" moron-fest, therefore, if you call yourself either, you're a damned failure of life's most valuable thought processes. Those who call themselves "conservative" or "liberal" are just doing the "scene" thing; following the trend. They're all "emos" if you ask me.