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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Forty-One
Chapter Forty-One

“What do you mean you were going to choose him?” Charlie said, “Have you been seeing him behind my back?”

“No, no!” Maya said quickly, looking from Charlie to Richard and then back to Charlie, “I would never see another guy behind your back.”

“Then what did you mean when you said that?” Charlie asked, becoming even more impatient, “There’s something you’re not telling me!”

People in the coffee shop were staring at them now and Maya grabbed Richard with one hand and shoved Charlie outside with the other hand, “Remember when you asked me if something had happened between Richard and I and I told you no? Well, I lied. I used to be in a relationship with Richard but we broke up in January.”

Charlie started pacing and rubbing his eyes, “Maya I don’t get it. Why would you lie to me about that?”

“I don’t know,” Maya replied, “First off, I had just wanted to move on and secondly, I didn’t want you to think I was just with you to get back at him or to get back together with him. That was never my intention. I really do love you Charlie.”

“Apparently you don’t love me all that much,” Charlie replied, crossing his arms over his chest, “Because you’re still thinking about Richard. Otherwise you wouldn’t have to be confused. You wouldn’t have even called Richard here. You would’ve called me here.”

“I’m sorry,” Maya mumbled, “But Richard was a huge part of my life. I loved him so much and then it ended and then you came along and I was happy for a minute until I started seeing Richard again. I hated myself for letting those feelings for him come back. And I hate myself now for loving two people at the same time.”

“Well you’re just gonna have to choose Maya,” Charlie said, “Me or him? Because I won’t sit here and be played. And I don’t think he wants to either,” Richard nodded in agreement and they both stood there in front of her with their arms crossed, waiting for her to say something. Maya was now being cornered and she felt like she couldn’t breathe. Finally, she came up with a solution, which basically was the same thing she had been doing for the past week, “I need to think,” with that, she ran off and got back into her car. She needed to be able to think without them staring her down.

Halfway to the dean’s office, Audrey started to resist, “I don’t know about this Tom. I’m having second thoughts about this. Maybe I can wait it out until June. I mean, it’s almost March now! It won’t be long!”

Tom rolled his eyes and grabbed her arm, “Don’t be silly Audrey! With the way things are going, you’ll have lost your mind by June. Wouldn’t you rather be sane?”

“I won’t go crazy,” Audrey grumbled as Tom dragged her along, “I mean, a little mud didn’t kill me did it?”

“Today it was just mud. But what will it be tomorrow?” Tom asked, “We need to fix this while it’s still small. If we wait until it grows, we can’t stop it. So let’s get this done now. The dean needs to hear about this.”

Audrey’s entire body shook while Tom knocked on the dean’s office door, never once even loosening his grip on Audrey’s arm. They heard Dean Brant’s voice call for them to come in and they did, “Professor Brooks. What’s going on here?”

“This is Audrey Gonzales,” Tom said, “She worked with me on one of my projects during the first semester.”

“I remember,” Dean Brant said with a genuine smile, “Please, sit down.”

Tom sat Audrey down on one of the chairs in front of the dean’s desk. The dean folded her hands on her desk, “So what brings you here?”

“Go ahead Audrey,” Tom said, nudging her, “Tell her everything that’s been happening to you lately.”

“Um…well…ya see, I won a competition to go to London for the summer,” Audrey said.

“I heard. Congratulations,” Dean Brant said with another warm smile.

“Thank you. Well, these girls felt like I didn’t deserve to win and so um, well, they uh, started…kind of, harassing me,” Audrey finally said it and it made her feel a little better, “They threw my lunch at me and, and, egged my car and keyed my car and threw me down on the ground and today they got mud all over me.”

Dean Brant leaned forward and frowned, taking off her glasses and letting them hang on the golden chain around her neck, “What girls? And why in the world would they decide you didn’t deserve it?”

Audrey looked at Tom, “Should I tell her?”

Tom looked a bit uncomfortable but hid it well as he adjusted in his chair, “Yes. Tell her.”

“Well there was a rumor going around that I-I um,” Audrey still couldn’t bring herself to say it. She looked at Tom, begging him to finish and the awkwardness was suddenly shifted and he cleared his throat, “Well those girls thought that the competition was rigged. They thought that Audrey had uh, slept with me in order for me to help her win.”

“Oh,” Dean Brant nodded and now the entire office was filled with awkward tension. She finally cleared her throat and shook off the moment, “So what are the names of these girls?”

“I only have first names,” Audrey said, “Vanessa and Elizabeth.”

“I have these girls in one of my classes,” Tom said, “Vanessa Rivera and Elizabeth Campbell.”

Dean Brant wrote down their names and then made a note of all the things Audrey had said and nodded her head, “Don’t worry Audrey. Those girls won’t be bothering you anymore.”

Audrey smiled and thanked the dean but as she left, she couldn’t help but doubt her.

Jade was cautious pulling into Maya’s driveway and going into her house. She didn’t want to find another mess in her room and she didn’t want to find one thing out of place. She searched the house and fortunately found nothing. Everything was the way she had left it this morning. She settled in her room and looked through the pictures Maya had taken for her. She transferred all the pictures onto a little flash drive and put it in her purse to show the cops later. They were still looking for David but were still having a hard time finding him. They found his truck in a parking lot of some fast food restaurant Jade couldn’t remember the name of but that was all they found. David was a hard little ******** to find and the longer he hid, the more afraid Jade became. But she would force herself to endure being alone for a little while until Maya came back. She was really inconveniencing people by needing someone to sit with her all the damn time.

Jade read for a little while before dozing off. She didn’t need to get to her nighttime classes for another couple of hours. She had all damn day to do whatever she wanted. She ended up sleeping, which was good because she was having trouble sleeping for the past couple weeks. When she opened her eyes, it was getting close to five o’clock. She sat up and stretched but a thump coming from outside made her body tense up mid stretch. She tried not to panic because it might just be Maya coming home early. Today she’d get off school at five and be home at around 5:15 but it wasn’t even five yet. Jade slowly walked towards her door and pressed her ear against it. The footsteps were heavy, nothing like Maya. Jade quickly jumped onto her bed and grabbed her phone. She called the cops and told them there was someone in her house and she hadn’t gone out to see who it was. Once she’d hung up with them, the footsteps had stopped so she opened her door and went down the hall into the living room. She suddenly felt really stupid for not grabbing something to defend herself but it seemed like whoever had been here was gone now. She stood in the middle of the living room and looked around, finding everything still untouched. She was about to let out a sigh of relief until she felt something come up behind her. When she tried to turn around, a large hand covered her mouth while an arm wrapped around her body.

“Did you think you could get away from me?” he whispered in her ear, “You know as well as I do that you’re supposed to be with me.”

Jade’s whimpers were muffled underneath his hand and she shook her head, tears falling down her cheeks onto his hand. David took his hand away from her mouth and moved her long hair away from her neck, “You’ve spent so many years denying it.”

“I’m not denying anything,” Jade said, trying to get away from him but he was strong and had a tight grip on her, “If you really loved me you wouldn’t try so hard to ******** up my life. You don’t love me.”

That comment seemed to make him angry and he spun her around to look at her, “Stop trying to screw with our fate!”

David clenched his fist and swung. It all felt like slow motion but Jade still wasn’t fast enough to dodge the blow. He hit her right on the cheek and she fell back onto Maya’s coffee table. Luckily, it didn’t fully break but it did make a loud crack. Jade rolled off the table onto her stomach, wincing at the throbbing in her face and the pain in her back from slamming down on a hard wooden table. David picked her up by the back of her collar and threw her onto the couch, “You’re not supposed to fight fate Jade. You’re supposed to be with me! Me!"

He swung again and blood trickled from Jade’s nose. She covered her face and moaned at the unbelievable pain she was experiencing. She felt extra weight sitting on her and she uncovered her face. David was now sitting on her and she went into panic mode, screaming as she started shoving him away. Before he could do anything else, the sound of police sirens began to approach the house and he jumped off the couch and ran out the back door. When the cops broke in, she weakly pointed to the back door.

“Are you alright?” one of the men asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Jade nodded, “You came just in time.”

Ahhhh, so I returned after a week of doing nothing. I have decided now that I've reached forty+ chapters, I feel like it's about time to get ready to wrap this baby up. I don't know, I haven't decided wink haha! But, I felt like Jade needed to see David. And see, this time around she called the cops. Using her head this time! Hahahaha! And Audrey finally told on little ole Vanessa and Elizabeth even though her and Tom had to awkwardly mention that there was a rumor going around that they were getting booty. And then there's Maya....poor girl in a love triangle. Who will she choose? DUN DUN DUUUUUN! eek

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