Continuation of Role Play (Actual part 1)

Most people thought the fangs just took care of themself, they really did'nt. When he brushed his teeth that meant he had to let the fangs down as well. Which was why he had been conflicted between punching Stiles in the face, and secretly smirking in amsument when he mocked Scott of how he looked when brushing his teeth, all of his teeth. In the end he settled on the later, becuse Stile's was really just blowing off some steam. Lets face it, Scott had the malice of a puppy, and tried to be a hero to every one. Except for his best friend. Derek was forced back to harsh reality by the croak of a bone dry voice calling his name. He dropped the tooth brush spit out the tooth paste and was by Rose's side in an instant, helping her get to a sitting position. "Easy, your not healed yet". Their was little ignoldgement in glazed eye's which where trying to fall closed. Her entire body was being proped up by pillows an Dereks solid form. It was pure instinct pure auto piolot. 'Alpha, safe, alpha ,safe, touch, alpha, safe' it was a mantra repated in her head that turned to panic when he tired to leave. In her right mind she would be ashamed by the dependency she had, but Rose had checked out, and this was simply her mind slowly starting to wake up.
Although her body took this time, right after a drink or water, to promptly pass out. Derek sighed and leighed her back down.

The next few days were spent with Rose in and out of conssiounsess rarly makeing sense, and never remembering her last minuets of being wake previously. It was not until the new moon passed and a sliver of silver shined in the sky again, that Rose opend her eye's, now in her own room, or what she had been useing as her's.
She sat up groaining at the rush of blood it sent through her head. The world tilted as she caught her self from falling back onto the matress. She groaned, the dull throb of a drum in her ears vibrating through her skull. Everything was fuzzy, and not just her vision, everything, her memoeries, all senses, they were cloudy, so many were trying to come through at once they were all fighting for dominance. Her door was cracked letting small streaks of the dully lit hall way into view. She looked down, and saw she was in sweats, and a t-s**t. Dereks t-s**t. She took a good 5 minuets to let the blush dye down from her face before she stumbled up, useing walls, furniture, and railsing to keep herself steady as she walked along the halls.

Her senses became to come into focus, starting with sound, followed by scent, her primary senses all become crystal clear, and stronger than she had ever imagined, however their was still so much energie it was like white noise, as she tried to tune it out. The pack was all watching a move, but no one was atcualy watching it. Issac, was pokeing at Erica's toes, Stiles was talking in a low voice to him as well. Boyd sat behind Erica on the couuch his lap her pillow in a non sexual, but total mates, kind of way. Jackson pouted as he failed miresible at going against Danny at chess, and Lydia merely was reading something on line. Scott was perched at Allsions shoulder, in a heated discussion. Derek was the only one to have noticed and with out hesitation helped her the rest of teh way down the stairs. She found over a dozen eye's stareing back at her. She blinked, still unsure what was happening.

After being led to the couch Issac was strengley the first one to speak. "How are you feeling".
Rose looked up opening her mouth as if about to respond, she opend and closed it like a fish unsure what to say. "I'm not dead, so..thats good, I mean, everything hurts, like alot,and my heads really foggy, but at the same time, I can freaking hear the fact that derek has a leaky sink" Jackson gave a humorulos snort.

Rose bit at her bottom lip, feeling at the scar tissue of the split that was once there not to long ago. "I...did I turn?" Derek eyes trailed from the floor to her. "Were not some ways, we know you have...your a special case Rose, not even Deaton has ever heard of anyone like you chose your Alpha, in more than one way"

Jackson glared at Derek, Lydia tugging at him, she took charge and sighed. "For goddess sakes, Rose, we have no idea what you are, werewolf possibly, somewhat, so were going to take it one step at a time, Derek had to re-alpha bite you becuse you refused the Carson Alpha's bite, mind and body"

Everyone expect Rose gaped at Lydia..well Derek kind of just blinked in suprise. Rose however simply nodded slowly. " did I.." she trailed off, the longer she was awake the more the memoeries pushed against her, some of them finaly breaking free. "You guy's went to the abondend bank.." she mutterd, she rememberd leaving, on her own. She rememberd crying out for some one, mabye more than one, and then pain in her skull, and chains, burning cutting into her wirsts. Fire, burning, burning flesh filled her nose, her burning flesh. A knife coverd in blood, her blood, so much pain to much. Darkness, his mouth on her skin exploreing it like she was icecream, disgust, teeth, blue eyes, red eyes, more pain. It went on and on, until she could see the flash of red eyes fallowed by teeth into her shoulder, she had screamed, and cried and they had left her, Derek showed up. After that all she rememberd was fire in her veins, and her only saftey was Derek.

It left her trembling, so many more questions than answers had been given, but the menatl wound had been repopend. "W-w-here is he now" she mutterd, not relasing she was digging into the couch with claws...actual claws. All but Derek were starieng at them, or her orangeish eyes. "You'r safe he ran" she shook her head, unable to breath. "He'll want revenge...I was supposed to die,becuse I did'nt give him what he wanted"
Another flash,and she choked on a sob, "Oh god, no, no, no, Johnson is not dead, Derek please tell me what Im remembering is a nightmare, please" she was begging.
Pack and pride be damned, he grabbed Rose holding her like he had when she was dieing.