This is not my main account.
I designed this character for the Word Games to be more likeable than the account I normally use.
Here are my general rules for using Nabulungi:

I will not complain when somebody does something that irritates me. As long as the irritating person doesn't mean any harm and is just trying to have fun, I'll live with it.

I will strive to make creative posts in the Word Games. Creativity is something the WG could always use more of.
I somehow stumbled upon the niche of using puns. I hope to make the WG a more groan-up place.

I want to be a good writer. How I handle puns should be met with care:
I will never use amateurish phrases such as "Sorry for the pun," "No pun intended," or "If you'll excuse the pun!"
A pun is nothing to be shameful about.

I may be using this account on an on-again / off-again basis.
Punning can be exhausting.