Slender Anon gifts exclusively wishlist items.
In order to receive a gift from Slender Anon you will need to be sure you have done the following.

1. Set up a public wishlist that is easily find-able and accessible, it can be on your profile, or in your signature, perhaps even in your journal, but it must be easy to find.

2. Variety is the spice of life, if your wishlist is packed full of expensive items, and no items that are between 1-200k your chances of being gifted drop significantly, if there are absolutely no items on your wishlist less than 1mil then you can't expect a gift from Slender Anon.

3. Pay it forward, Slender Anon helps those who help others, if you've proven you're a kinda hearted gaian, Slender Anon will see it.

4. Be grateful. A thank you goes a long why and is the reason why most of us do this, please remember to thank your Anons, even if you can't do so personally.

Always watching.