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💕 A Daydreamer's Diary 💭
Welcome to the world of me.
OC 1
NAME: Rafaia Ve'Tairo

AGE: 18 Years

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5,000 years before Rafaia's birth, there were six planets, six worlds that had been created by six powerful deities. The planets were named after their respective creators:

And Terra, which would become known as Earth.

These six planets and these six deities coexisted together in harmony. Until the god named Ieikon became filled with greed. He wasn't content with ruling over his own planet, and lusted after the other five planets as well. A battle broke out between the six deities, and the lives of many mortals were lost in the process.

Finally, Lucis, Damalthea, Overo, Cryptus and Terra all joined forces and banished the god Ieikon, along with many of his children, to a realm called the Void. They locked him within this Void, and the war thus ended. But to ensure that another war would never again occur for any reason, each of the remaining gods placed themselves between each planet as "gates" that would separate each planet from each other.

However, 1,000 years, Ieikon's power is restored, and he breaks free from the Void and attempts to claim the rest of the planets for himself, yet again. And every 1,000 years, the deities anoint 5 mortals, one from each planet, with the duty to guard the gates and band together to vanish Ieikon to the Void yet again.

Rafaia Ve'Tairo, a young woman who was born onto the beautiful lush planet named Damalthea is one of the new "Gatekeepers" and has thus been blessed by the goddess of her planet with supernatural abilities that she must use to aid the 4 other Gatekeepers in defeating Ieikon. But Rafaia has never been a fighter by nature, and she feels as if this duty is too much for her to handle.

So when Ieikon begins to awaken and he sends his wicked creatures to begin taking over Damalthea, Rafaia Ve'Teiro fails to guard the gate of her planet, and in turn fails to protect her people.

She flees from her world out of shame, and vows that she will find the four other Gatekeepers as a way to atone for not being brave enough to protect her people.

HER PERSONALITY: Rafaia Ve'Tairo has always been outwardly cheerful, optimistic and always willing to encourage others. Her bright disposition has always been just a cover up to hide how weak she truly feels. When she meets up with the 4 other Gatekeepers, she continues to hide her shame behind a smile. But her friends soon show her that she's a lot stronger than she believes.

QUOTE: "I'd convinced myself that I had left Damalthea to find the rest of you. But I realized that I had left because I wanted to run from myself. My weaker self. That part of me that refused to be brave. But I realize that being brave means accepting the wrong that you've done, and learning from it so that you can correct it. So that you can make things right."

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