Oh boy, so I'm sitting in my room, putting some music on and I realize, I haven't been on Gaia hardly at all today! I thought to myself, you just started this journal two days ago, you can't slack off just yet. GET WITH IT. Honestly, I'm having writers block at the moment so this Journal might just be a bunch of ideas smashed into one blog, Kay? Good. Lol. I'm wondering, are any of you guys out there, you know if I even have more than one viewer of my journals, shout out to Cranberry_Conundrum!, have you or do you have a trend sickness? Now what I mean by trend sickness is that everyone's doing it/ like it/ buying it, that you just are completely obsessed with? Honestly, I'm guilty of being in love with zebra and cheetah print. Now I'm sure some of you might be saying ick, teenage girl sickness number one, but it's true I really am! I have two beds and one is zebra print and one is cheetah, whoops!. Its definitely my fashion statement for sure. That and nerd glasses! But honestly I was one of the first, atleast up here in Michigan, where I live now I'm seriously the only one in the whole school, besides a few stragglers, that actually wear them. And sorry, I just love them. I'm a dork so it definitely fits my personality. NOW, there are some trends that I just honestly can not, for the life of me, even fit into, I just don't like them. 1) Highrise shorts. Just eww girls, sorry to say but I think those are ugly as hell. Now I don't doubt that some people can actually pull them off, but me? No thankyou. I'm 5'3 and it must be my short figure because they look so hideous on me. I'll stick to lowrise for now. 2) The # era. Man some people just really need to stop. Honestly, its no big deal when you do one that actually makes sense.. but when I scroll through my feeds on twitter and facebook and see things like "Omg my cat just pooped on my bed!".. #eww,#OMFG,#cats,#MyLifeIsOver,# I'mNotCleaningThatUp, #WheresMom, #WeAreGettingRidOfTheCat, #Poop... LIKE Really>? That has go to be the most bottle blonde thing ever. Now I'm not kidding you.. that status really wasn't an overstatement. I guarantee you that there are probably worst things out there. In my opinion these hash tags are kind of annoying, plus, I laugh at how ridiculous you look posting that status. Just saying. Alrighty, well I'm done for the complaining today. Love ya!

Song Of The Day - Drake,JaYe - "Come Real" From the Album "Space Odyssey"