ooc | an inspired post.

She hung naked there in the middle of the small dark room. They had crafted magical cuffs in order to restrain her and from them had suspended her from the ceiling. Several times a day they would visit. Sometimes merely to check on her condition. They had been starving her but could not risk her dying without giving them any information. It was the information they were after those other times. They would come in with various tools designed to inflict pain. These things mattered not to her at the beginning. Any injury they inflicted would simply heal moments after they finished with her. Now however, with waning strength from having not been fed, the wounds lingered and the blood pooled at her feel. And that was not the worst of it. With such a damp atmosphere, water dripped upon her from the ceiling, drawing pink lines in her pale flesh as they burned their way down her body. Similarly this had effected her hair over time as she was now mostly bald, only a couple of patches of her once long wavy black hair remaining. But throughout all the pain she had held out hope. She could feel her body weakening but it was this weakness that would free her. The changes had been happening over the span of weeks and finally she could feel herself slipping. And then she was free.

So molested by time and water, her hands had been burned to the point that they no longer were the size they once had been. Slipping free of her restraints, she collapsed onto the floor where she began to lap up what blood she could. It would not have a significant effect on her health but she felt some of her strength return. Hearing the dangling of the chains the guard that had been posted outside of her cell opened the door to check in on her. He had not suspected her to be free in his arrogance and she was on him before he could sound an alarm. Tossing him into the room, so as to avoid detection in the hallway, she was upon him at once, her fangs piecing the artery at his neck gushing the sweet life nectar into her mouth. The change was almost immediate as her body began to mend. Her hair grew back at length. Her wounds, both inflicted by her captors and by water, healed until there was hardly any sign of them. But she was still naked and had only her claws to defend herself. Well not for long. Looking down at the dead Templar, she retrieved his sword. It would have to do.

Once armed and healed, she headed out into the corridor. Looking both ways, she realized at how much of the place was still a mystery to her. Shutting her eyes she tried to focus on the lingering memories conveyed through the blood of the man. They were faded quickly but she saw what she needed. Heading left with inhuman speed, she effortlessly slayed two patrolmen while having a bloody battle with the three men that had been posted at the armory. This was where they had stashed her gear. Looting the room, she procured her black tunic and trousers, leather boots and gauntlets, leather chest piece, and the pauldron which she fastened to her right shoulder and let the short cape hang from it. Displayed on one of the tables was her small double winged crossbow and quiver of bolts. On another was her long sword and throwing knives. Equipping all of her gear she headed once more into the hallway.

As she left the armory she quickly shot two bolts down one way as guards were being summoned by the clamor that she had made with the three back in the weapons room. She had to act quickly now. But before she escaped there was one last place she wanted to run. One of the stranger memories was of a girl, another vampire held at the facility. She would not leave her to her fate. Running through the halls, slaying whatever guards came upon her with either her crossbow or sword, she eventually came to the door leading to the girl's cell. Unlocking, she pushed it open and was surprised by what she saw. Unlike her own cell, this one looked more like a bedroom. Not dallying on it too long, her slitted golden eyes quickly found the girl in the room. "Come, freedom awaits," she said in a voice much restored from the harsh rasping sound that was all she could make for weeks. Her expression was one of urgency but also one of concern as she wanted both of them to escape or at least die trying. There was no telling how many Templars were here and they were but two vampires. Powerful as they may be, they weren't undefeatable as her mere presence here was attested to.