Time: 600:01 +
October 13, 21:45 am.
Village Bridge.
Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem.
Pokedex: 499
Pokemon Black Version 2
Quite a bit more play time than my Pokemon Diamond Version. Diamond Version is at 540 or so hours... even though I just hit 600 hours with Pokemon Black Version 2, I swear I spent so much more time in Diamond Version... my overall Lv.100 Pokemon count is 51. The last Pokemon I raised to Lv.100 was the Meowth Yancy gave me. I didn't let it evolve, like N's Zorua, and the Shuppet I bred and named Nemui.
I feel sad. I remember all that time, playing Pokemon Diamond Version while my brothers and sisters and I all spent time together. Pokemon Diamond has a few traded Pokemon from when my brother, Matt, played Pokemon Pearl. My brother William rose my Umbreon to Lv.60, and well as Dragonite and Tyranitar. I remember when something like that was really special to me, but now I can raise Pokemon to Lv.100 in no time. Now, I'm sitting alone in my bedroom, looking at these 600 hours in Pokemon Black Version 2... my brother William left. My brother Matt and my sister Regan are gone for good. The memories of Pokemon Diamond are great memories full of special moments, and those hours were gained while spending time with my family. Pokemon Black Version 2 is just a bunch of me by myself... it's just something I think about, alot. It's kind of like I'm looking down from where I am now, and I see nothing. I see nothing around me, and I don't have special memories with those people anymore, because they're all gone, some more than others. That's life, I guess... now, to get to 700 hours. 100 more lonely hours...