I haven't written in my fake journal in awhile.

I've been having to keep track of 2 irl ones.

Everytime I reread them, I realize how emo I am.
~Cry, cry~ Ugh. I guess this is just an update post so that I have
some s**t in here. Sooooo... I'm gonna plan some crap. emotion_awesome

Coming soon to a theater near you!
- I want to start keeping track of my never-ending list of OC's
I'm wanting to do this online, so I'm probably gonna have a long a** list on here.
The handful of people that I see actually read my s**t will be able to see all my
pretty little babies, their backgrounds and development. Most of them are all in
beta because I make up new ones and forget to finish my oldies </3

- Keep track of beta comics
I have a few ideas for comics but never write them down, just hope I
remember them. Bleh, I'm gonna start writing them down and the storyboards
that I will be doing with my PARTNER IN CRIME!! Shelby... I have never worked
with another person, so this should be interesting.

That's all I can think to write. emotion_0A0