Lola Elizabeth Nightstar is 17 years old. She has black hair with a red streak in the front. Her hair is curled nicely and pinned back so its out of her face. She has both her upper and lower ears pierced with scull and cross bones in them. She was in a black cut up jeans and a red tank top with a black lace top over it that has a skull and cross bone on it. She has on black flats and she has great curves. She was a hell hound werewolf and the daughter of the alpha of the Crescent Pack. Lola still has yet to find her mate. She goes to the Mythical Creature Academy. Lola is sitting under an old oak tree with her best friend Sara the witch. Lola could see that there were lots of other kinds of mythical creatures going to this academy.
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Vivian Rose Drago was a true beauty. She had gold/blue eyes, hair black as night with an electric blue streak in the front on the right side. She has electric blue streaks running through her black dragon wings. She didn't have horns or a tail, put she did have some scales on her left shoulder and claws could come out when she wants. Other wise she looked human. She was in the forest traveling alone at night. It was close to mating season for dragons.