Urgh, I can not be bothered to go to school. It is one of the most boring places to be and is more of a baby-sitting service than an educative one. We get thrown in and tested at all levels yet here I am taking another year at Wester Secondary. It is a high school with specialism in business and sports. Who knew that I, Ava Thorne, would be stuck with the choice of being either a gymnast or secretary. Boring!

"Ava get up and get dressed! What is taking you so long?" Shouted Mother Hen, my Mother is amazing do not misunderstand me however, when she orders me about I can not help but do the opposite and so we clash. A lot!

"I'm getting up now! Why don't you try putting on a tie!"

"Don't be so rude to me missy! I won't tolerate any of your nonsense especially in the morning!"

"Mum! I'm getting ready!" I shout down the stairs of our two story semi-detached house. It has a lot to offer but my parents do not have a lot to spare. There are some places where the wallpaper peels and others where the paint has chipped. Mum complains it is because Dad is a builder that he never wants to do anything when he gets home. According to her they have had this house around twenty years and nothing gets past Mum. Everything matches and I even have an old gold framed William Morris style mirror against the black, grey and white flowered wallpaper in my room. It's my personal favourite. "I'm almost done!" I continue to shout putting my hair up into a single pony-tail. The one thing I dislike most is when our floor gets messy. It is so obvious if we do not clean it is disgusting. I swoop down to pick up my rucksack and have to clean it from the black long curly strands it sat on.

"You better make sure your room is tidy! Have you made your bed?"

I stumble down the stairs as I struggle to put my rucksack on. "Mmm I'll do it when I get home."

"Well I don't plan to do it, I'm your Mother not your slave." She gave me this cheeky angry smile that told me 'I love you now get to school'.

"I said I'll do it when I get home." I leave the house with my stomach roaring. It was like a heads up to turn on my animal instincts and hunt for food, but instead I begin my thirty minute walk to school because I am late by ten minutes. Either my alarm is at fault or I need to go to the doctors because I nearly went into a coma. I'm pretty sure I forgot to set my alarm though because right now, as I am running to school, I am checking for the alarm clock image that usually shows at the top right hand side of your mobile phone. "Damn it!" I definitely forgot to set it.