Have you ever just stopped and took a break from your everyday life and stood outside during the months of September-Novemberish? Here in Northern Michigan we only ever make it to late October before we have snow. Well every fall I go out and just close my eyes and allow my senses to soak in my surroundings. Fall puts me in a wonderful spirit. The cool Autumn breeze and the hint of sun peaking through warming your skin at the same time tingles my skin. It makes me think or warm apple cider and hot chocolate. The smell of the air puts me in a festive mood, wanting to get ready to come close with family, and make feasts of turkey and warm homey foods. At night when the moon shines through and the trees become bare I think spooky, and sometimes I run between me and my best friends houses. Haha. Yeah I get spooked easy I'm a chicken(: I think of haunted houses and the exhilarating feeling of being scared and a laughing with friends. Sitting in the bleachers watching the boys of fall playing there games and the crowd cheering them on. Oh how I love fall. It puts me in such a creative mood! I'm thinking of doing a fall painting that represents all these things. What a challenge it would be but how cool it would look if I could pull it off! You'll soon learn that I love cooking as well. When I eat something new and tasty I want to make it homemade. Lately I've been in a buzz about that. For my senior project my challenge was to become a vegetarian for a month and make a cookbook. Its not really a struggle but it's definitely sparked my interest to try new things and cook things in a healthier way. One thing you'll need to know is that it is very different for me. I love home cooked meals. The ones your grandma makes that's so savory that you eat a little to much and your tummy is all bloated. I'll try to share some recipes that I find interesting as well. Alrighty, well I'm going to just wrap this up here and maybe go make a pie or something.

Song Of The Day - Blake Lewis- "Binary Love" from the Album "Heartbreak on Vinyl"