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Concept bits
This is a culmination of all of the small pieces of game concepts that don't fit into any ideas.
Mech concept
AU - Adaptable Unit
full sized mechs that are the standard mechs used, they are extremely adaptive multi purpose units for handling any situation, they are capable at nearly everything and can be outfitted for any role or purpose able to mount weapons on eight points per arm and having a very effective booster system for quick movement around. These can be converted for space fighting.

BBU - Biological Berserk Unit
Units that are made by mass growing specialized living tissues that bind together to create a massive humanoid beast, these are then lightly armored with a permanent armor and hormone balancing equipment to allow the pilot that plugs in his nervous system to the machine to control it. They have a default where of too many of these hormone and nervous controllers are destroyed or overloaded they go into a berserker rage and become animalistic monsters. These can be but rarely are converted for space flight

CU - Cooperative Unit
Mechs that stand at about half height of other types with large amounts of armor and made to be used in squads, they each can be outfitted with many weapons and equipment and made with varying degrees of heavy armor of varying types and styles. They each can travel alone but they are easily outmaneuvered and killed alone even when equipped with movement boosters. These can be converted for space flight but they are very in agile when they are.

OT - Omni Terrain
These mechs take the shape of various animals with different weapons systems mounted along the body structure of the mech. They are each designed off of specific animals to be able to better maneuver and fight in environments with more agility and ease. These cannot be converted for space flight.

TMM - transforming multipurpose mech
These mechs typically display the characteristic of having slightly less flexibility than adaptive units and they can have any kind of armor but limited to certain weapons. They are made very useful by there ability to transform into various other forms, such as space born fighters or other large vehicles including tanks, massive satellite guns, in orbital bombers, and many other forms. They have a lot of multi propose capability because of there transforming ability.

IExCU - irregular experimental combat unit
These mechs do not sit within the bounderieas of the other types, typically the have great defaults and usually heavy strengths in what they were testing for. Typically they have a standard quick boost kit or other parts and peices as standard that are normally considered addons or kits. They typically break any kind of design normal irises and have very strange equipment and armament setups. Typically they are larger and have strange often very wasteful and overzealous weapons systems.

Clan scavenged machine god - techo scavenging clan combat mech
Made by the infamous techno barbarian clans from fallen spaceship debris and industrial equipment, they are slow, require large crews and are armed with roughly mounted turrets and guns from other military vehicles. They typically don't have much in the way of Melee but a few types are known to exist

Mech size classes

Goliath - 8 meter
Titan - 15 meter
Colossus - 50 meter
Monolith - 150 meter

Gun ammo types

SABOT - acurate kinetic armor penetrator
HEAT - powerful light to mid anti armor explosive round
HESH - anti bunker and light armor
Guided gun launched missile - slow lock on light heat round

Missile ammo types

Cluster munition
Double HEAT

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