Hello persons of Gaia! I've had an account before when I was younger but I only ever just played the games. Now I'm here to fully enhance my Gaia experience. Even though I was young I loved this place. I truly believe today that it is really cool. It is like a mix between and Social Network and an Online game. Obviously if you want really good movement and 3dimensional gaming you should probably go somewhere like Small worlds or something else you have to pay for. In my opinion it's like living in a community where you can be truly yourself here. Where no one judges you based on looks or character. People actually try to get to know you and really care about you if they are your friends! You can make yourself known here. I will be trying to do a daily blog here, but bare with me. I'm still a human! If you are reading this I hope to get to know you and become your friend. have a great day!