Everything is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Nothing really matters much, so you might as well try to enjoy yourself while you can. Since everything is insignificant, you might as well spend your time having fun and doing what makes you happy.

The things that make your life happy and fun become significant and important to your specific life. Friends and family can be a source of fun or happiness. Since they can create fun and happiness in your life, they in turn, can have significance and importance. Even if they themselves are generally insignificant, and the things you do with them are insignificant; if you are happy or have fun with them, then they have significance to you, despite all the other insignificance

If having fun or being happy has no importance or significance to you, you will become a cold, sad, lonely, empty shell, and will live a miserable and dull life.

But then again, if everything is insignificant and you should just try to relax and have fun during your life, that kind of advocates for a rule-free life style where you worry less about responsibilities, and more about having fun. Where you drink and party and act more crazy or unpredictable, anything considered fun. Though I could reason that I wouldn't do anything that had a high chance of causing harm to me or others, like getting wasted or doing drugs; but still, a fun first life style just seems kind of irresponsible. You do have to have money to do really anything, so a job is still a must. But do I really want to become another slave trapped in a cycle? Just another zombie, working all day, just to come home and watch tv for a bit, then sleep, wake up and start the cycle over again. Somebody too focused on working and making money, and loses sight of having fun. Somebody materialistic, always chasing after something new, trying to keep up with everything else in the world, instead of living in their own?

I always have looked down at all these carefree people, whose main priority in life was to have fun. But I just don’t know how I feel now. I think you should still concern yourself with things that could affect you. Like the politicians elected, and global concerns like over population. Nothing wrong with having fun, as long as you are not making somebody else pay for it.