people who have helped me are listed it below heart
thank thank all of you so so much for the donation!(people who gift and trade me in this account ) i'll be remembering you all forever~

AnJell-GoMinam: ( Le Carousel 3rd Gen, Vega's Love , Enchanted Book 11th Gen, Biancamella 3 Gen, Bonbonieru Konpeito , 1,360,000g ) heart heart heart emotion_jawdrop 4laugh
VeraTara: ( April Birthstone Crown,Black Bakeneko Tail ) emotion_bigheart
Camellia Prince: ( 1,000,000g ) emotion_jawdrop emotion_kirakira
Lottie-Sama: ( Rose Self Portrait ) heart heart
iAdorkableKitty: ( 300k , Summer Groom, Winged Halo ) 4laugh heart heart heart
StrawberryDetective: ( Astra-99: Lavender Winking Dashing Eyes, and some random stuffs ) heart heart 3nodding
Hikono-Chan: ( Lumiere Noire 2 Gen ) heart heart 4laugh
Thy Crimson EllA : ( Ashen Marionette ) emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira emotion_jawdrop heart heart heart heart
Zilexion: ( lot of buggies ) heart
Mippy-chan: ( Black Swan ) heart