I'm back! And not a moment to soon! I must admit it was quite a sad experience barley being on here for a few weeks not even getting a chance to make myself known before I had my internet connection cut off and was forced to move to the boonies temporarily. But it could be a good thing too as I can now start over fresh.

The good news is I'm back just in time for the holidays! I'm contemplating what to go as for Halloween both online and off I'm thinking it might be fun to coordinator the two. Right now my loves are slip down the middle rooting for slutty Kitty or Scant Witch. On on the witch side wants me to go as naughty Glenda can you imagine! I laughed so hard I was tearing up. Lets just say that little flicker was put out fast, the last time I went as Glenda I was eight years old and it was the first time I had gone a a witch. Before I had gone as princesses and fairies, mermaids, different animals and cartoon characters. My overly religious parents wouldn't let me dress up as anything "Satanist like" or even slightly revealing.

Anyways I'd love to keep writing but I have shopping and forum posting to do so i'll write again later Ta Ta! Kisses!